A new Muppet series? (Wild speculation inside!)

While perusing an article about the USA network reviving the Bionic Woman (the series, not the woman herself)(from what I know, she’s not dead, she’s just in reruns) in a new summer replacement show by producers Jennifer and Suzanne Todd, I happened to notice something odd.

(Emphasis emphatically mine.)

A new Muppet series? Could it be? Will it finally come about? Will they kill it off in its infancy, like the much-lamented Muppets Tonight (slain, in my opinion, before it could find its feet, or its audience)? Will it be able to update the old formula, and yet stay faithful to Muppet history? Will the Fox network treat it right, or will it be mutated into some horrible “When Muppets Attack!” monstrosity?

And why can’t I find anything else on this possibility anywhere?

Beatcha!!! http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=122908&highlight=muppet
mobo85 quotes: The project is still in the early stages of development, but the plan is to take a wholly new approach to a Muppet series – it will not be a remake of the successful Muppet Show comedy-variety vehicle that aired in syndication from 1976-81



I’ll slink off now.

Don’t have to do that, we didn’t get nearly the wild speculation promised in this threads title!

Okay, then. I’m going to wildly speculate, and I invite Dopers to join in the fun!

What should the new Muppet Show be like?

When Muppets Attack! A startling real-life series, featuring celebrities and public figures reacting to being accosted by some of your favorite fuzzy characters! See Emeril take on the Swedish Chef: which one will be more comprehensible? See Ted Koppel up against Kermit the Frog: who will be more unflappable? See Miss Piggy accost Callista Flockheart in a pie-eating contest, to the death!. And see Animal attack Ann Coulter: just for the fun of it!

It’s on Fox. It might happen.

Celeb guests.

Simpson’s Style Humor.

Muppets going into the “real world” similar to Triumph and TV Funhouse. Except smarter.

That’s the formula

The next reality show:

** Eat or Be Eaten **

** Survivor ** , only with Muppets. Cannibalism takes over when the last of the rats stupid enough to catch have been eaten. Animal’s at a bit of an advantage at this stage, but Miss Piggy’s got a vicious streak a mile wide. Who will win the million? Who will get stung by jellyfish? CBS is drooling with envy.
In response to the OP - I heartily agree that Muppets Tonight was not given a fair trial, and I for one thought it was lovely. I mourned its untimely demise. Stupid ABC (was it ABC?).

As long as Kermit is made the frontman again, it should be fine.
Then again, it is going to be airing on Fox…

Does that include Rizzo?

I think FOX already tried this, only it was called Greg the Bunny.

How about “The Muppet Zone” with Kermit as Rod Serling? Nah, not with that new series hosted by Forest Whitaker.

Muppets Unplugged
Where you get to see what the Muppets are really like, after hours, without their human performers.

Hmm…a half hour of watching puppets sit in the corner…
Ah who cares…at least now I’ve got Muppets action figures!
<kermit the frog> Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!<kermit the frog>

Yeah, but it took me 21 stores to track down Dr. Honeydew. 21 Stores!!!

Well, if it’s on Fox, I’m thinking
** When Muppets Attack!XIX!**
See Frank Oz lose control of Miss Piggy and look on in horror as she mauls Jerry Goelz.