A new pleasure! Toad Sweat Dessert hot sauce on iced cream!

While strolling thru Ottawa a few months back, I stopped at a local purveyor of all things hot and spicy, and picked up a Toad Sweat Dessert Hot Sauce 4 Pack!

Now I’m addicted.

Damn, that stuff drizzled over iced cream is the greatest thing since jalapenos and nachos were combined! The Chocolate Orange flavor, drizzled over chocolate custard, just blows my mind! And the key lime or the lemon vanilla on vanilla custard or iced cream is to die for!

But the best is the cranberry! On any type of iced cream!!!

Anybody else like this stuff?

I’ll let you know once I receive it.

So ya ordered some?

I served all 4 sauces up for two friends tonight! One enjoyed them all immensely, and only clutched her throat once, when she had too much key lime sauce on her spoon!

The other guy bowed out after trying 2 drops of the chocolate orange sauce.

That’s okay, more for the rest of us!! :smiley:

The lemon is the best.

I love the stuff. I can’t get my wife to try much of it, but as noted, all the more for me! :smiley:

What does the “hotness” taste like? Is it a savory taste in the middle of my sweet ice cream? :dubious:

Kinda. Hard to explain, other than to say “Try it, you’ll like it!”

Another combo to try is jalapeño jelly on fudge ripple ice cream. Yummo.

It’s the heat associated with hot peppers, without the taste of the pepper vegetable, or the added tomato, onion, garlic or other flavoring in a mixed hot sauce. No vinegar taste, etc.

Pure heat, mixed with sweet, what a treat!! Fire and Ice sure taste nice!

OK I’ll stop now.

Yeah, I did. I’m just hoping it doesn’t cause me to talk in rhyme. :-p

Habanero jelly is nice too. Much hotter.

Habanero jelly is nice too. Much hotter.

Yes, but it repeats on you. :smiley:
By the way, your ginger beer hits the posts this afternoon.

It shouldn’t cause rhyming if taken in small amounts, but it may cause inadvertant double posting. :confused:

A blessing on your head!

De nada.

What are the ingredients like for these sauces, do they use artificial coloring and flavors?

Nutrition Information at http://www.toadsweat.com/

Key Lime Toad Sweat: evaporated cane juice, key lime juice, water, habanero peppers, vanilla extract, cocoa, spices.

Cranberry Toad Sweat: evaporated cane juice, cranberry juice, water, habanero peppers, vanilla extract, cocoa, spices.

Chocolate Orange Toad Sweat: evaporated cane juice, orange juice, water, habanero peppers, vanilla extract, cocoa, spices.

Lemon Vanilla Toad Sweat: evaporated cane juice, lemon juice, water, vanilla extract, habanero peppers, cocoa, spices.

Looks pretty good, all Habanero based, interesting that they all use cocoa.
From there cite I see that Key Lime is hottest, and Lemon Vanilla is mild. Strange that their own website didn’t turn up in the first few pages of googling “toad sweat” hot sauce.

I just don’t think I can get past the “toad sweating” part
The image it conjurs goes straight to my heart
All I can think of is sweaty fat toadies
Eating ice cream and farting like box-humping roadies.

My bottles finally arrived. This is good stuff, and will make nice Christmas gifts for a couple people. Initial impressions:

[ul][li]The lemon vanilla has a very nice flavor and is just barely hot. The lemon flavor is a little strong, but I won’t complain.[/li][li]The chocolate orange is absolutely fantastic–slightly hotter than the lemon vanilla, but not by much. I will probably order a larger bottle of it.[/li][li]The key lime is noticeably hotter than the last two, and also has a very strong taste of lime. It might mix well in a drink of some kind.[/li][li]The cranberry is pretty hot, almost to the point that it overwhelms the actual flavor. It’s the only one that was noticeably spicy in the presence of ice cream.[/ul][/li]
Anyone who’s considering buying this should; it’s well worth the price.

I thought this would be a thread about harsmar.