a new questionable content (webcomic) thread open spoilers tho

did the bar girl get a new job or did they rebuild the first one ?

New job at a previously seen bar.

Sorry, I was thinking of Tarol Hunt.

Even Claire’s brother agrees with us in finding her annoying…

well after getting teased off and on for months it finally happened a human/AI lesbian romance…

http://questionablecontent.net/ I as always thought it was going to be a side character …

What’s the deal with the dialogue in this one? Is Roko supposed to be talking with a Bostonian accent? Is that supposed to show she’s upset? Her normal dialogue isn’t like this.

I looked up whether it was International Talk like a Southie day, but nada.

Already been brought up in the other thread, and, yes, Roko lapses into a Bostonian accent when she’s pissed.

Called it!

I’d argue that said normalizing fits his message. All these people (including AIs) are just like everyone else. He’s not going for edge. May is as edgy as he’s going. Yelling Bird was retired because he thought that edge was stale. And Pintsize is far less important than he used to be.

Yes, he’s mostly about LGBT relationships. And even the two that don’t fit involve two divorcees, with one being a porn star; and an interracial geek relationship. Because those are all “normal” too.

Pardon me, but it’s LGBTAI.

I’m with you. She’s just not…interesting. Not sure why not, but she’s definitely not at the level of depth or intrigue of many of the other characters.

I think it’s because she existed primarily as one of the interns, then Marten’s girlfriend, and then just kinda faded out of the comic as Marten did. The comic just never really focused on her. The best we have are the bit of controlling with Clinton and freaking out over her academic stuff.

That said, I find it weird to hate her. I get not particularly caring much about her, but hate seems way too strong.

just something I realized the other ai in 80s excerise gear is that one of the “spookybots”?

If you mean yesterday’s comic, then yes. That was the whole point of the exchange. It was (a) Spookybot deciding to half apologize half congratulate Roko on quitting. And Roko having none of it.

All I see in today’s comic are Roko and May and a place that sells hotdogs.

Now we’ve got May as being the responsible one in the household, at least for tonight.

my thought was they don’t have a electric rice cooker when may walked in …….but it struck he as funny that the one was complaining about pink hair …when most the girl AIs have anime style hair…

Momo was complaining about PUNK hair, not pink hair.

I, for one, am enjoying the image of these two complete nerds (plus Momo) destroying their kitchen and nearly killing themselves trying to boil a pot of rice. I hope they don’t let Dale run the espresso machine at work.

Why did they want a pot of rice, anyway? Aren’t their meals order-in exclusively?

It’s also not Momo’s first foray into cooking mishaps.