A Nice, Boring Birthday

Yep, today is my birthday. I’m 33. Old enough to vote for the last 15 years, but still not old enough to run for president.

I’ve already gotten my presents–three very nice Barbies to add to my collection. Sometime today, I’ll probably mow the lawn. I might also light a nice-smelling candle, take a looooong bath, and paint my fingernails & toenails. I might try to get some shopping in, too.

As I get older, I find I very much enjoy birthdays like this. Nothing is expected of me. I can just kick back, relax, and do what I want (and yes, I actually do want to mow the lawn).

I’ll be here a lot today, too, because this is one of my most favoritest things to do in the whole wide world! Yay!

Happy Birthday Christi, err, Persephone.

I hope you have a great one, enjoy yourself.

Cristi, Sorry about the h thing, I always forget.

Persephone in 2004!

Happy birthday, Cristi!

Hold on. Are you saying that today, the day I’m reading this, the second of July, is your birthday? I ask because today, the second of July is also my birthday.

My 29th today. My wife keeps asking me what I want to do today to celebrate. I’m pretty much noncommittal. I feel like having some breakfast, going to the record (CD) store in a little while, maybe hitting up a used bookstore or two, generally kicking it, perhaps stopping by the brewery downtown and having a pint with my dad, and having a nice dinner out tonight. That’s pretty much it for me. Sounds like we’re both pretty low-key.

I’m glad your birthday will be so relaxing for you. Happy, happy. I only wish that I had the same good fortune you have had with your gifts. I’m getting what I want (new CD player for the car to replace my broken one), but it’s on backorder, and probably won’t show up for a couple more weeks.

Happy birthday to you …
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Dopers …
Happy birthday to you!

Many happy returns, Jo3sh and Persephone.

(((((birthday hugs)))))

A very Happy Birthday to you Cristi! I hope your day turns out to be everything you hope it will and that the year ahead is filled with happiness.

Happy Birthday Cristi and Jo3sh! And of course, I brought sprinkles!

Happy Birthday Cristi! Happy Birthday Jo3sh! Do enjoy your day Cristi!

Happy Birthday kids!!

Happy birthday Cristi and Jo3sh-

Hope the sun is smiling down on you, and that you are enjoying a wonderful, relalxing day.

And may this whole year bring you both nothing but good things!

Best wishes for a marvellous birthday-


Happy birthday, Jo3sh and Persephone. I hope you live to see old age with a smile when that time comes.


When you’re old enough to run for President, you will definitely have my vote if you run against Dead Chipmunk On A Stick! :smiley:

Happy Birthday sweet thang!!

What, are you nuts? This country is just not ready for a female president. The Dead Chipmunk would kick my a**. That’s why I’m campaigning for him, instead of running against him!

Happy Birthday to you too, Jo3sh, and remember…

CHIPMUNK 3:16! :wink:

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. They’ve already come true; I just woke up from a lovely nap, and now it’s time to think about starting supper, as my parents are coming over to help Mrs. 3 and I eat a large fillet of salmon I bought this morning at the harbor. Time to go start the barbecue.

Happy birthday, Persephone
who used to be Cristi
may your day be great fun
and full of bright sun
and that goes for you, too, Josh-with-a-3

Happy B-day, to my favorite Dopette from my home state!

Happy birthday, Christi. If it helps, remember that I’m biologically old enough to be your father. Not by much, and only because I was an early bloomer, but it’s within the realm of possibility.

Happy Birthday, Persephone and Jo3sh! I hope it was a good one.

On a new moon no less! Happy birthday!
I would bake you both a cake, but they don’t travel well, and then I would have to eat it myself!
You have your choice of Blues clues, hearts, Tubbies, or Tigger. Sorry those are the only cake forms I have. Is Devils food cake okay?
I suppose I could lite candles and have the kids blow them out for you. But that would meant that I would have to share with kids who don’t understand the love of chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed your quiet day both of you!