A nitpicky question about titles of threads moved to MPSIMS

First off, let me say I appreciate the moving of MPSIMS-type threads from the Pit to that forum. The boundaries had been getting blurrier, it seemed to me, over the last year or two. A campfire-level rant really shouldn’t be cluttering up the place where volcanoes go to erupt, just because someone swears in it.

This is the latest thread to be moved. Given the type of responses it’s been getting, yeh, it’s MPSIMS material. I notice, though, that “fucking” has been left in the title. So I’d ask for a clarification:

What along those lines is acceptable for MPSIMS? For titles, for posts? There’s a wide gray area between an obscenity-laced tirade and one wholly free of naughty words.

Can we get some guidance on this, or is it like pornography – you know it when you see it?

Not that this has official bearing on anything, but this thread contains many Dopers’ opinions of swearing & thread titles.

AFAIK, colorful language has always been welcome, though not particularly encouraged, outside of the Pit, as long as it’s not gratuitous.

Thanks for the link! I seem to recall another Pit thread about obscenities in thread titles that ran its course a few months ago – have to search for it when I get a chance.

Zebra writes an IMHO thread yesterday entitled: Are ESPN Classic writers high? regarding The Top 25 Blunders In Sports on ESPN.

8 Posters contributed to the poll giving their opinions on what was the worst/est(?) blooper. 10 posts down, without so much as one harsh word posted, Czarcasm moved if to the pit.

Either the OP privately requested it be moved or the soft forum moderators picked an inoffensive to thread volley back to the pit because page 1 real easte vanishes so quickly.

Never mind, it’s in MPSIMS, now known as Miscellaneous Island

Heh, when you find out let me know. My take has been that some swearing in MPSIMS is OK, but a full-blown cussing screed is probably too harsh. So far, there’s only been one Pit thread that needed to be moved but which was simply too colorful for Cafe Society, so I closed it and suggested the OP start a new one. There are definitely limits – I don’t want to move threads titled “I broke a goddamn motherfucking goat-felching nail!” to other forums.

However, as far as I know there’s no official consensus on how much swearing is OK outside the Pit. Maybe some older, wiser and probably hairier mods/admins can chime in and educate my innocent and naive self.

Hairier? Don’t men get balder as they get older? :dubious:

Or are you one of those poor guys (like my father) who starts developing more face to wash as early as high school?

I was hoping for something in Great Debates or maybe Chelsea.

Nah. The hair just moves around a little. It ceases to grow where they want it and it sprouts in areas they never imagined.

Do severe cases lead to the dread Combover Syndrome[sup]TM[/sup] ?

Oh. My. EverLovin. Gawd.

That’s just…scary.

Please tell me that you had to search the internet for hours to find that morsel.

And to answer your question, in Mr. Ruby’s case, no, he’s not a victim of COS[sup]TM[/sup]. He does suffer, however, from the dread Fuzzy Ears Syndrome[sup]TM[/sup]. He gets rather annoyed at the rapid rate the hair can regenerate, too.

Naw, I just typed “combover” into my Googlebar and up popped this site.

One has to wonder how many of these guys will someday join The Combover Cabal[sup]TM[/sup] ?

Sorry, not even East Boston.