A note for Urban Ranger

Just wondering- why would you come into a thread that has a good discussion going on
simply to interject- TWICE- that people are using the incorrect terminology? (Which I think is debatable, by the way. I’ve heard the term “spyware” used to describe network monitoring software, keystroke recorders, and the like)

Here’s what irks me: not that you feel the need to come into a thread and say: (regarding the OP asking what people would do about their SO using spyware on their computer)

Fine- whatever. But then, several people go on to address the OP and continue the discussion, ignoring Urban’s correction, and a day later he posts:

I mean, if you have something to contribute to the thread, fine- do so. But I think it’s really rude to come in and start arguing semantics out of the blue- twice, no less. Apparently people there aren’t concerned with using the “right” terminology. Or maybe you could just post your opinion and say “By the way- I think the correct terminology is ____, as spyware usually refers to _____”
In short, I have nothing against you personally- hell, I don’t even know you. But I find this sort of thing just as annoying as the people who have nothing to contribute to a thread but still have to interject spelling and grammar corrections. It’s rude.

That last sentence sums up my opinion. I have nothing against Urban Ranger, but I thought his posts in that thread were pretty irritating.

I saw Urban Ranger’s snarky response in my thread earlier today, and I had the same thought as you…why get your panties in a wad over people using the “incorrect terminology” without saying what you think the correct terminology is??

Yes, I was annoyed by it, but I figured that he’d made himself seem like enough of a petty jackass on his own without me fanning the flames further. However, since you’ve done me the honor of composing a post I was essentially too lazy to write on my own…I’ll give a big NYAH!! to Urban Ranger and his ridiculously snarky interjections. :smiley:

I was confused about these as well, having no idea what he was referring to and not knowing there was correct terminology to begin with, so I just ignored it.

Aww don’t be so mean. Obviously it is terribly terribly important to the Ranger that people use the correct terminology when discussing things that have absolutely no relevance to him whatsoever.

I am sure there is a huge difference between the terms spy–to observe in an unobtrusive manner and monitor–to observe in an unobtrusive manner.

Because the wrong terminology has been used. Would you mind a whole lot if I keep calling you “idiot” istead of “Zette,” for example? Maybe it is really rude to us who know what’s going on to see you abuse the terms? Have you ever considered that?

From Gibson Research

From whatis.com:

Now, to be fair to the anal retentive, there is also this:

So Urban Ranger is technically correct that the term was used incorrectly, properly speaking. And snarkiness is always excused when providing such extremely valuable information. Isn’t it? :smiley:

Sorry, that’s a crock.

Keyloggers are commonly referred to as spyware.

And Gibson Research is about as a credible source for network security as the National Enquirer is to political commentary.

There is nothing wrong with referring to the software described as spyware.

Horseshit. The software described was explicitly installed without the intended end users knowledge. Spyware it is.

Are you actually saying that it’s rude to use inaccurate terminology, and thus your irritating behavior was justified? Wow. That is the weakest, lamest defense I’ve ever heard.

And I’m still at a loss as to why you give a shit if people label programs which allow one user to spy on another’s browsing, email and instant messaging without their knowledge as “spyware”. Even if it was technically inaccurate (which it isn’t), what kind of insufferable prick gets his panties in a bunch over someone speaking slightly inaccurately? Christ.

Steve Asshat often smooches his girlfriend. We can say he smooches his girlfriend almost anywhere. You know what I mean, she knows what I mean, we all know what I mean. Technically, he’s kissing her, properly speaking.

Personally, I think it’s a dumbass thing to get all riled up about. Obviously I’m in the majority. A place I truly hate to be.

Well- I seriously doubt you would “keep” calling me that, if the urge ever really struck you.

My mother called me an idiot once. ONCE.[/Johnny Dangerously]

So you answered my question then- you’re just an asshole looking to show off your knowledge to those of us idiotic and rude enough not to use the terms you deem correct. Have a nice day then- nice meeting you!

Gotta go with Zette on this one.
Regardless of the intent, UR has a recent tendency to come off as snarky.