A note on quotes from your friendly neighborhood TubaDiva

We’ve had quite a few incidents of late where someone posts not only a link to a cite or an interesting article, but they also cut and paste the entire text into the thread.

That’s not the way to do things around here. Not only is it a violation of copyright and a waste of bandwidth, you shouldn’t make everyone wade through an entire article just to prove your point.

It’s very good to hyperlink to whatever it is you want people to read and it’s permissible to quote a short excerpt as a pointer. That’s it, though.

Any questions about SDMB policy? Let us know. Send me an email (TubaDiva@aol.com) or open a thread in About This Message Board.


your humble TubaDiva

PS I’m going against our usual rule and crossposting this in a couple other forums – I didn’t want to disturb Ed’s survey announcement, can only have one announcement at a time around here – this is not an invitation for more crossposting by the Teeming Millions.

Thank you, TubaDiva. I’ll just put my waders back in the closet now. Damn them things was getting heavy. Have a wonderful weekend!

crossposting, eh? Reminds me of… Nah, never mind. It’s for a good cause this time;).


Why not transform this post into some kind of ‘Announcement’ (to be left on the respective boards for a couple of months) so as not to have to bump it repeatedly for several days. It might have the added benefit of informing newbies before they make their first posts.

Then it should be part of the registration agreement, omni. Not that anyone reads it :slight_smile: I haven’t read it since '99 myself.

Frankly, I haven’t seen any of those over-quoted posts.

omni-not, the reason that TubaDiva didn’t make it an announcement is because


handy, it is in the registration agreement.

And one of the reasons you don’t see them is because they get edited by the mods.

That’s what happens when you have a bright idea (:)) a few days after reading the original OP. Completely forgot about that little sentence…Thanks for diplomatically pointing out the obvious to me, Kat. I had a handy moment and beg the community’s forgiveness.

“I had a handy moment”

It’s always nice to read compliments from you omni.