A Perfect Circle - Emotive

Anyone else heard this album yet?
The cover they did of

John Lennon’s Imagine

blew me away.

Apparently I forgot that the spoiler tags were visible through the popup thingee.

Maybe someone’ll fix it for me?

I like almost the whole album (what have they done to my precious Depeche Mode???). Standout tracks for me are definitely “Passive”, “Peace, Love, and Understanding”, and “Fiddle and the Drum”.

I was surprised at how dark the album was. When I heard they were doing covers of some punk songs, I expected a more straight-forward rock album. Instead, they gave us the opposite. Nice work.

I still haven’t even listened to the last one, and I was kinda turned off by the “Imagine” cover. But I guess after everything that’s happened since that song was written, maybe it does belong in a minor key.

I’ve never been real wild about APC. I’ll think about this one.

I have to admit, I’m not familiar with too many of the songs that were covered. I sort of got the impression that most of them were old Vietnam protest songs, not punk songs. Am I wrong?

There are songs by Elvis Costello, Black Flag, and Devo on there, and all three of those bands were too late to legitmately do Vietnam protest songs. “What’s Going On” is too early and the Zeppelin cover is unrelated. “Imagine” maybe, the Joni Mitchell track maybe, and the originals certainly aren’t.

I’d mainly heard about stuff like Black Flag and Crucifix, so that’s where I got the “punk” vibe from.