A person stole our cement mixer. WHY?

There was a cement mixer at one of our construction sites. Someone came along, hot wired it, and took it.

This being my town, someone who was looking out their window saw the person, recognized him, and called us. “Bear” just drove the cement mixer off your site on Forest Ave." Excuse me? He took the cement mixer? “Yes.”

I call my Boss. Why did “Bear” take the cement mixer?

She called the head of the construction site, and the police. They now have a BOLO for a stolen cement mixer.

All I want to know is WHY would anyone take a cement mixer?

Do you mean the kind of cement mixer that is a large truck, or the smaller kind that is on a trailer and is dumped by hand? Because I could see someone ‘borrowing’ the smaller kind fairly easily.

If it makes you feel any better, similar incidents have occurred around the world. I wonder if anyone ever collected this reward.

Also, I now have this song running through my head.

Why don’t the police just go ask “Bear”?

Are you gonna pokey the Bear?

To pick up chicks.


It was a full size cement mixer, and the police are looking for it and “Bear.”

I’m glad to know this has happened before. I’m also glad we have a good relationship with the local Police Dept.

Maybe they wanted to take it to a more secluded place to siphon the gas.

I’m assuming since “Bear” is known that someone knows his place of residence as well?

But I’m curious too, is there some sort of chop shop for industrial equipment? Or does it just wind up on a cargo ship to china.

Maybe he’s building a backyard BBQ.

I live in a town where everybody knows everybody, and anybody will call the police on you. The woman who saw the incident got the license plate of the car that “Bear” and his friends drove up in, and she recognized the guy.

We were once building some condos, and a neighbor noticed two guys loading washers and dryers in a van at 11:00 on a Sunday night. He wrote down the license plate and called the cops, who called my Boss. They caught one guy at the scene, the other guy drove away and was later apprehended.

This is why you will see various smaller construction items dangling off the hook of a crane 100 ft in the air. To protect them from theft.
BOT, I see you are in Jersey, I am assuming the Mob has something to do with this.

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What is all this fuss I hear about bare people stealing semen mixers? It’s terrible!
[/Emily Latella]

After hearing my husband’s stories about what walks away from job sites, I find very little surprise at hearing a cement mixer being stolen. Apparently people will steal anything that’s not bolted down, then they will steal the toolboxes, use your wrenches, unbolt everything else, and steal that too.

Does the mixer have Lojack? I know that Lojack does a brisk business in protecting small, expensive things that are easily hitched up and driven away with like generators and compressors. No reason you can’t install it on a larger vehicle.

Although, I’d suspect that the concrete business is relatively close-knit, and as soon as Bear shows up at a concrete plant, someone’s going to wonder why he’s got your truck.

Bear is driving cement mixer! How can this be?

Maybe he just had a good deal on a hot cement mixer lined up.

Or maybe he was just adding to his collection.


I’ll bet he’s a hardened criminal.

Do you have any concrete evidence for that?

Assumptions aren’t enough. I need to see some concrete evidence.

ETA: Damn, nosed out by tdn on the joke!