Pitting the people who stole from the ice cream man

There is an ice cream truck which parks near where I work as a crossing guard. The driver is a very friendly Iranian immigrant who often offered me free ice cream/water on hot days. It was nice to have his company.

Too bad you brats had to spoil everything by stealing from him! :mad: The only thing I’m angrier about is that I didn’t see what happened in time to chase those little kleptos down.

Now the driver won’t stop there anymore. He says once they have a problem with kids stealing, its time to move on. Its just not worth the time and energy to deal with that kind of crap. I’m really disappointed- the guy was great company.

I can relate about the theft- kids have stolen 2 of my chairs at that corner alone. I feel angry and frustrated; the uniform policy they have at the school means all the kids look the same from the back, making it impossible to identify the thief. No point in getting another chair when it will probably just get stolen again :mad:

I hate those kinds of brats. I can only hope their deeds come back to them tenfold.

Where do you leave the chairs that they’re being stolen? On the corner just sitting there?

I don’t get it. They stole money? From inside the truck?

What’s the matter? Never seen free ice cream before?


[sub]yeah, that sucks.[/sub]

Actually their method was quite simple. As the ice cream guy was handing out ice cream to other customers/one of them, they’d simply grab it and run. The guy couldn’t really chase them becasue he couldn’t leave his truck unattended (there would always be a crowd of kids).

The chair got stolen when I’d be crossing kids. Sometimes there would be so many kids it was like a ‘sea’ of bodies; they’d pass over my chair and when they left, the chair was gone :mad: It is almost as bad as when they’d leave jagged rocks and/or dog shit on my chair hoping I’d sit on it.

This sounds like a job for The Dog Shit Police!