A person who hates his/her own race

Is there a one word definition for someone who hates his/her own race?

Michael Jackson :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but someone had to say it.

I don’t know if there’s one word for it, but I’ve always heard “self hating _____”, as in “self hating jew”, or “self hating black”.

Do you mean internalised racism or black guys in the KKK?
I knew of a guy in Norway who was black and a neo-nazi skinhead.
Hated blacks as much as all the others. In between the two you have I guess the people with a strong dislike of sections of their own communities (similar to Chris Rocks “I love black people but I hate niggers” routine, but for real).

“Autoracist” or "autobigot??

When taken as a group, aren’t they known as “PETA”?

Sorry, but someone had to say this, too. :slight_smile:

Like Red Foxx once said “As far as blacks and “niggers” are concerned…there IS a difference”
A Black person that is true to their heritage:

*Do not go around calling black women "Bitches and Whores.

*Do not go around selling drugs poisoning his own community for the
very people that he claims to hate (mainly the CIA)

  • Do not go around robbing and killing other blacks (or anyone else for that matter) for his own personal gain

  • Do not go around trying to impregnate as many women as possible, then just walk away when its time to either father them or pay child support

  • Do not go around calling other Black men Niggers

  • Do not sit on his butt waiting for the whole world to beat a path up to his front doorstep, then screams racism when it doesn’t happen. Instead of sitting around complaining about the position that he is in trying to blame everyone else for it, True black men get up and make things happen for themselves…starting with going back to school.

Now you must understand that Black America as a whole has been very badly brainwashed! I could go deep into this with many documented details, but to do it would take up an entire page so I’ll try and stay focused on the main topic itself

Yes there are “Black People”
Yes there are “Niggers”


Just like there are whites, and there are Rednecks
a big difference between the two