A Picture Thread: Before & After Make-up, Or Other Things

Inspired by [Thread=504186]this thread.[/Thread]

This is me before make-up.

This is me after make-up - at least, as much make-up as I own/can bear to put on (I did try to lay on the blush kind of thick for the picture).

How do you look before and after - make-up, a haircut, weight gain or loss, or other changes?

Here’s before makeup(slight misrepresentation, my skin isn’t usually that clear).

Here’s after.

A hair and glasses evolution:
short hair, green frames (2006)
black hair, black frames (early 2008)
brown hair, black frames (April 2008)
current glasses, somewhat current hair curled for the occasion (late 2008)

I’m sorry, I’m a camera whore.

I hardly ever wear makeup. Maybe 5-10 times a year, only for special occasions. I’m just too lazy. I should probably use it more often though, because as you can see, my eyes are invisible, and I am pale with really ruddy cheeks (I have rosacea).

Without makeup (I’m the one on the left in all the photos):
With my boyfriend
With my nephew
With my mom

With makeup:
With my cousin
With my boyfriend
With my family - I’m on the far left. My makeup was a lot heavier than usual - I decided to do extra special purple shimmery eyeshadow for a holiday party.

Ha! CairoCarol, I can’t see any difference in your pictures. You ladies got nothing. Now this is scary: before and after the passage of 4 decades.
Me at age 13.
Me at age 53.

Queen of Town: it’s good to be a camera whore. Where would picture threads be without camera whores? I thank you for all the great pics.

nyctea scandiaca: assuming the rosacea isn’t otherwise a problem, it seems like a good thing - free permanent blush!

3acresandatruck: hah, I didn’t even think of that option (probably in denial about my own aging). You look a lot better at 53.

I’m going to post with/without makeup, too–I meant to do it on Friday morning (even put on a little eyeliner) but I left my camera at work.

That’s 13? You look like a bank manager.

With goatee
With full beard
Clean shaven
Without hair

These span about the last ten years, but except for the shearing, I don’t think I change much.

Which of these fine fellows are we expecting at the Boston 'fest in February?

I don’t know what it is about me (perhaps not being so photogenic), but I can look very different in photographs. Here is an album with pictures of me spanning 30 years. I look like 10 different women!

Me neither: you look mighty fine in both of them!

If anything, the one without makeup has a slight edge. You have a natural beauty.

Before makeup.
After makeup.

With, of course, a wig thrown in for good measure.

I could only find one photograph of myself without makeup. Apparently the only place I dare to go without The Face is rural Mexico. And I’m still not 100% sure.

no makeup


I cannot notice any difference due to makeup: this is probably because in the second photo your face is shaded by your husband.

Just as an addendum, I’m viewing the pics on a cheap LCD monitor, which may make a difference.

There’s plenty of time; any requests?

waitasecond! I missed the thread! Icanhaslinkplz?

In all those pictures, I have to say I vastly prefer you gals without the makeup. Except CairoCarol, whose pictures look too similar to tell.

I don’t get men who like makeup. Why don’t they just kidnap a mannequin?

I have kind of a lot of these…

Ok here are some no-makeup pictures:
getting my hair done
having a rather bad day
haven’t gotten out of bed yet

With some makeup:
just some eyeliner/mascara
going out dancing
also going out dancing
and ridiculous faces
(AFTER going out dancing*…yikes!)

And then there’s LOTS of makeup:
like this one
eye makeup
Mardi Gras

Or really strange makeup:
changing age (young/old)
changing gender
changing race
changing species
changing everything!
gory stuff
*no, dancing didn’t change my hair color–this pic was a year earlier.