A Pit thread for Asahi

Well… sometimes the simple answer is the correct answer.


Is there a term for the mental or emotional issue, that one must surely have, to post the below in the van lifer thread?

I am truly just astounded by his pronouncement of:

“Um, I fuckin told you all it was a murder.”

This is such a ridiculous statement in that thread and expresses a need for something that I truly do not understand.

Trump-level narcissism?

JFC, asahi. You’re not the smartest person in the room if you feel compelled to claim that you’re the smartest person in the room.

What if he were to declare himself a “stable genius”?

I’d wonder if he’d been taking horse dewormer.

IIRC, asahi sometimes posts under the influence. That’s a bad idea and hopefully he’s trying to stop.

Message boards are pretty good for figuring out who the smartest posters are without those good folks proclaiming themselves as such. Once on another board long ago, someone argued that it was necessary for him to announce his brilliance because if he didn’t, stupid posters might not realize the “fact.”

My God, where do you even live to make such an absurd statement?

Look, you already admitted ignorance to how Republicans work in this post. That’s a start, but you need to fight the level of ignorance which makes you say such a thing but two paragraphs after you admitted your ignorance.

Bet the business schools of the USA are dying for Republicans! Same thing with the engineering and sciences - no Republicans there! Won’t find a single Republican at the University of Chicago, Wharton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. Nope, not a one!

And you DEFINITELY won’t find Republicans at the state schools - why the University of Alabama is so fuggin’ Red they’re crimson.

Holy hell.

Stop commenting on my country or I’ll start commenting on yours. Now, what is a good TV show that will tell me ALL about it?

Not a TV show but a movie, I just watched In the Loop (2009) last night and would recommend it. Although it bashes the US too.


After I watch it, can I spend 20 posts arguing to Britons that Eton is, unknown to them, actually a school for the privileged?

Gonna rewatch The Crown as I’m sure it gives an illuminating view of how ordinary Britons live. Like, in ‘the Midlands’, or someplace equally charming sounding.

Oh, sorry In the Loop is about the diplomatic runup to the Iraq War. Nothing to do with schools, but it is a satire of government.


If you enjoyed that you might want to try watching The Think of It, the TV series it was based on.

I said I care about facts and science, not Business Schools. And I was basing my post on survey data:

Yes, you chose a survey which, almost by its sample of ‘elite liberal arts institutions’, is going to lean ‘left’.

I mean, look at the schools the author ‘surveyed’:


All of them very small institutions. None of them State schools. Even excluded the Ivy Leagues.

It’s a bullshit survey which had the author purposely select the most liberal schools in America in order to make his flawed argument. And had you lived here, you would not have made yet another embarrassing mistake because you would have recognized these schools.

Congratulations. You again proved my point.

Perhaps you’d prefer this one:

Not going to do the math, but I bet the University of Texas San Antonio has more students (32k) than the above list combined.

The last link is about faculty, total 1643.

UTSA faculty, 1322.

ETA: Looking at the actual paper it is based on a 1999 North American Academic Study Survey (Angus-Reid). They randomly picked 183 American/Canadian institutions from that survey, stratified by the type of institution (81 doctoral, 59 comprehensive, and 43 liberal arts). The 1643 faculty were sampled by randomly choosing a number of faculty from each institution proportional to their size. The paper does not list the schools, presumably you would have to go to (what is now) Ipsos which I’m too lazy to do.


Nevertheless DemonTree your cite is outdated, its data literally belongs to a different century.


OK, last post about education to this poster…

Again, if you lived here and went to school in the United States, or if you had to spend the time and effort preparing a child for secondary education in the United States, you would not be making this same mistake.

Let’s look at how that 2nd link constructed its survey:

(BTW, Carnegie does not have a ‘liberal arts’ classification and their website explicitly notes this. But US News categorizes some of the Carnegie classifications as ‘liberal arts’, so here we are.)

Looking at this, a non-American may think this is an actual representative sample of American universities. But, again, two things are wrong with it:

  • In terms of # of American universities, ‘liberal arts’ schools are overweighted in the 2nd study by 50%. The percentage of American universities which meet the US News classification of ‘liberal arts’ (derived from Carnegie, of course) is 15.4%. However, this study has liberal arts schools as 23.4% of their sample size. Again, if you purposely weight your study so that ‘liberal’ schools are overrepresented, you’re going to find that schools are liberal. Duh.
  • Again, like the other study, this only goes to number of schools. As I noted, the total number of students going to these liberal arts schools may fill up two University of Texas campuses.

If you can find a study which does this calculation based not on selective criteria purposely designed to bring about a pre-desired result but a broader study based on a more reasonable metric… like student population ‘affected’, one which gives the proper weight to the various state and private and religious four-year colleges which abound in this country… this argument might hold water.

But by selecting two surveys so obviously biased towards the sort of school your average American does not attend, you do no credit to your argument. And, again, this mistake is born of not understanding America.

Anyway, watched the first episode of The Crown and all I have to say that if Buckingham Palace didn’t have to house all those servants, it could be much smaller.