A plague upon my house???

dan, she’s crazy! I would marry you in a heartbeat…you are a treasure!

Give her a kick in the ass, tell her Kelli sent it.
I could call your house, and make her jealous!

Kelli, the way your luck is going, I have one piece of advice:

This summer, if there is a tornado forecast within 1000 miles of you, STAY IN A HOTEL.

Seriously, I hope it all gets much better for you very soon. Your positive attitude throughout all this stuff is an inspiration.

And when things do turn around for you (and they will), the memories of the bad stuff should make your improved lifestyle twice as sweet. I’ve known people who have never seen hardship, and many of them will never be truly happy. You already are. So you’ve got 'em beat.

Sympathy and commiseration, Kelli. Hope things are looking up a bit. If it’s any consolation (misery loving company), after spending the equivalent of the GNP for a small country on plumbers, my sewer line problem is not fixed.

This means I get to have the whole sewer line dug up from the house to the street. In winter. Which will cost my remaining arm, and won’t be a whole lotta fun while it’s being done. (Anyone want to put up a stressed woman and her dog?)

Of course in the meantime, unfortunate things happen in the cellar whenever water is…uh, discarded.

Sigh. Dunno about you, but I’m going outside and pitch pinecones at the vultures that’ve started roosting on the roof.



It’s a good thing your not dead. Buy a carbon monoxide detector. You can get one for about $50. Fifty dollars to stay alive is worth it, and you can take it with you if you move.

I came home to it beeping and the furnance was doing about what your’s was. You only smelled the problem, because it was producing other gases with the carbon dioxide.

I put in electric heating. It’s cheaper for me than propane where I live.

I gave the carbon monoxide detector to ma.

I’m only your wildest fear, from the corners of your darkest thoughts.

OK, so I know the “could’ve been worse” replies are well meaning, but DAMN! That’s pretty bad Kelli. I’m sorry you have to go through this. What I am more impressed by, than this hardship, is your outstanding attitude. People like you make the world go 'round. You sound like a strong person and a caring mother. Best of luck to you and I hope you keep that great attitude!

“It is now proved beyond doubt that smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.”

Geez, Kel, seems to be one thing after another! Well, you’ve had the “3 bad things”, you are now entitled to your “3 good things”.

I say:

  1. Your landlord turns into a human being and re-does the entire place PLUS gives you a month of free rent for all the hassles you had to put up with.
  2. Shitboy pays his child support on time, every month for the rest of Ted’s childhood.
  3. You meet a man who sweeps you off your feet, tickles your fancy, let’s you cry on his shoulder and loves Ted.

Sound good?

Thanks everyone, you are all so supportive, even when I wasnt looking for support!

I borrowed a carbon mon. detector as soon as I detected an odor, it never made a peep. The landlord actually suggested it. I am certain he never thought there was any danger to me or the kids. He really did think it was all in my head.

You guys have complimented me on my attitude…thats so funny isnt it?

I mean not long ago, I was at rock bottom…

Its all a matter of perspective, I believe.
As long as I, or anyone for that matter, can still see the individual trees in the forest, then things are ‘do-able’…its when you cant find the manageable little situations that you are in BIG trouble.

This house stuff is a pain in the ass, but compared to what mom is going through…its not so bad.

I try to look at stuff and ask if anybody will care in 5 years…

In the grand scheme of things,poop in the tub is not a big deal. :rolleyes:

kisses to all!