A poll...by a guy...about hair

WRT the hair that goes POOF!, pomade is your friend. Or wax. I like the stuff from American Crew.

You know you win when you can insult somebody and make them laugh out loud while doing it. You, sir (or ma’am), win.

Don’t mess around…shave it! :smiley:

Unless you have an asymetrical head, in which case the “Ed Norton” is called for.

Word. I don’t like gel that much (I don’t like how it makes my hair solid, but the weaker stuff just doesn’t hold it at all; it’s really annoying when it’s been in for a while and it starts to flake), but pomade and wax work like charms. I like Headcase Pomade by Conair and OSIS wax by Schwarzkopf.

Just a little bit is enough to pull off the Ed Norton-esque messy look or what have you.

Well…hmm…in the OP you say that you don’t want what everyone else has. You’ve definitely got that.

Personally, it’s too “helmet-head” for me. I know you say that all it takes is water, but it looks much more time-consuming than that. A do like that makes me think you have a stick up your butt. It also makes me want to mess it up just to see what you would do. :smiley:

So, my recommendations. The first option is the previously mentioned Van Wilder type do. Cut the sides and back very short, take some length off the top. As for controling the poof effect, my BF has a hair wax stick. It looks like deodorant. I can’t remember who makes it but I think it’s Aveda or maybe Tigi. He just rubs it around on his hair and he magically has that sexy mussed-up look. Actually, he ends up with a sorta laid-back pompadour. I think that would work for you. Another option is to grow it out to maybe chin length. Think Johnny Depp. I think you could pull that off woth your face, but i’m not sure it would match your style.

Ew. Ew. Ew. Worst. Hairstyle. Ever.

It doesn’t really matter what other hairstyle you choose. Spike it, buzz it, shave it all off. Try a nice Wally Cleaver side part. Just don’t comb it straight back.

My first impression was of Lt. Commander Data, if that’s helpful to you. But more poofy; edging dangerously close to televangelist.

Do something immediatly. Seriously.

I vote for something in the Edward Norton line. Spiky=good.

I do have to say that it looks as if your french fry has spoken to you in that picture, though.

Heard, understood and acknowledged. Y’all win. I got my haircut today. I had the stylist try the Norton, but either she didn’t know what she was doing or my hair has a will of its own, because I looked like a frickin’ hedgehog. So, I went with the old-fashion fade. Not quite military, but close. It seems my hair is thick enough that the thing I was worried about – having it be translucent – isn’t happening. Because you didn’t ask, I’ll scan a pic of the new 'do on Monday.

Now, all the ladies will fall at my feet. Because other than the hair, I’m hot. Really, I am. Yessir. C’mon, you know it. All the chicks thought Corey Feldman was hot in the 80s, right? …right?

Shut up.


I have nothing to say about the hair, I just wanted to ask where in the world is there a McDonald’s with Pillars! And flowers on the tables!

The halloween photos actually did have me going “hmm, oh! Goodness.” But I’m married and you look far too young for me anyway :smiley: Good luck with the new lady-killer haircut.

Hope you like your new haircut. Honestly though, I didn’t see anything wrong with your old one, but that’s apparently the minority position so…

I went to a McDonald’s in Paris (we were dead-ass broke) and there were T.V.'s at every table, a massive winding staircase, paintings on the wall, etc… it was really nice. I’m sure there are other nice ones out there, although I’m not sure where that picture was taken, obviously.

And <b>Roland</b>, glad to hear you made the leap and sprung for the haircut. You actually <i>looked</i> like Tears for Fears. :wink:

And apparently I type like I’m Head over Heels. :smack:


There is another…

Yep, it’s a hair helmet. Looks like it could deflect small arms fire.
Less is more, my friend. Cut it close.

Until you posted your real first name, I was going to ask if your initials were J.U. and if you had an moderately unhealthy obsession with model trains and Disney.

You look EXACTLY like one of my ex-boyfriends. Same shirt, similar hair, same face. It’s creepy how much, really. How old are you?

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

That said, the hairstyle is too old for you. Get something shorter, something basic. If you really hate it, hair grows back.

Roland Orzabal sixty years from now…/kidding.

Roland buddy hey…I’m not too late to stop you am I?
Man that hair is cool. I wouldn’t do a damned thing to except maybe a little Brylcream or what’s that other cool hair stuff? Dippity doo, yeah that’s it. Come by some time and I’ll hook ya up with some ol’ gals I know that hang out at the VFW post here. Make it a weekend though. They’ve got a live band on Saturdays. Learn a two-step and the Cotton eyed Joe and you got it made dude.
All ya need is a box of Marlboro rolled up in your sleeve.
If you like I’ll show how to comb the back into a ducktail. :cool:

:smiley: just yanking your chain a little bit okay
Yeah, it needs something. What? HTFSIK? My hair ain’t exactly all there no more so fuckit. Use to it’d be parted in the middle and feathered back on the sides. You remember that disco thing…uh hmm, No I don’t guess you do. :frowning:

good luck t/k

At the moment, I am of but 20 short years. Soon to be 21, a fact which my various acquaintances make much hoopla about. Too bad for them that I don’t drink ('tain’t a moralistic thing; I just don’t like the stuff). I get the “you look familiar” line quite a bit; in fact, the girl working the register at the very McDonald’s in the second picture swore that I was a friend of hers in junior high until I told her my name. My theory: it’s the hair. It grabs people’s attention away from the face, and forces them to recall everybody they’ve known that has ever worn that hairstyle, which will probably be all of two people. Pick the one whose face looks the most like mine, and presto, instant familiarity. I know you say the resemblance is eerie, and not knowing the guy personally, I can only assume it’s true, but I’ve heard that before.

A girl at work yesterday told me that I look like Christian Slater. I had only a vague idea who that was, so I asked if that was a bad thing. She said no. And according to Google Image Search, Mr. Slater himself has sported the pompadour. Iiiinteresting. Let’s see, I like Tears For Fears, I wear my hair in a pompadour, and I follow the hairstyle progression of people who were popular in the 80’s. If you ask me, the problem is that I was born fifteen years too late. Time travel, then, is the only answer.

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with a little classic Disney now and again, but model trains? Not really my style.

You’re cute, but next to you Hello Kitty looks like the Prince of Darkness.

You are so banally homogenized in your look that you’d wear Black Izod to a goth club.