Should I do it?

This is my picture, and I’m wondering what you think about me changing my hairstyle. First of all, would the ‘rich boy’ style (Long, kinda mushroomcuttish, with longer bangs in 2 archs) work?

If not, any suggestions?

That’s the correct address, actually.

uh… you sure about that?

This page is not available.

Erg… This is stupid. Go to and click on the link to MemyselfandI.jpg.

I am Superman.

Click on “MemyselfandI” a few lines down.

Whoops, simulpost.
But since I didn’t mention it before, you’d have to first grow your hair out more (I think I know the haircut you describe). This will probably take a month or two. A good idea would be to test during the summer (just 2.5 months away).

Kind of unrelated, but did you know that when an image like that doesn’t come up, if you put a ? at the end of the filename, it’s more likely to come up? Innit weird?

I had no problem bringing any of those pictures up.

Speaker Personally I hate that Ralph Lauren preppy hairstyle that (I think) you’re talking about. :slight_smile: However, this is such a personal thing & I’m not going to be looking at you every day! I think you should ignore advice & do what you want. Summer is the best time to experiment, your hair grows faster then.