A Poll on Biden

7 categories should fit everyone in this case. Pretty simple Poll.

Followup question, how far down the list was Biden for you?
It appears he was about 7th for me. Sanders, Warren, Mayor Pete, Harris, Gillibrand & Bloomberg were all ahead of him.

**Here is the full list **I think:
Sanders, Gabbard, Warren, Bloomberg, Klobuchar,
Buttigieg, Steyer, Patrick, Yang, Bennet,
Delaney, Booker, Williamson, Castro, Harris,
Bullock, Sestak, Messam, O’Rourke, Ryan,
de Blasio, Gillibrand, Moulton, Inslee, Hickenlooper,
Swalwell, Ojeda

I was going to say a how happy are you with Biden would have been as well (I’m happy to vote for him vs. I’m resigning myself and voting for him). How far on the list is good too.

He was 3rd on the list for me: Warren, Booker, Biden, Harris… then Klobuchar, Sanders, Buttigieg (I didn’t consider the others seriously at all)

Voted third party in 2016, will do again in 2020. My mind was made up on that years ago, Biden or no Biden.

Biden was number two for me, after Warren.

Biden was in my second or third tier. I’m pretty left (news at eleven), so of course I was hoping for Warren/Sanders. Failing them, I’d have preferred Harris or Yang or Klobuchar or Booker or Gillibrand. Failing them I would’ve preferred Biden or Hickenlooper or one of that crowd. Then way down further is Bloomberg. Then way down further there’s the weird persistent mats of bacteria that form in my sink’s J-trap that I can’t get rid of. Then there’s Tulsi Gabbard.

Warren, Buttegieg were the only ones I really was interested in, though I would vote for anyone, in fact any thing before trump. I would rejoice at his assassination, and there isn’t anyone else I have ever or probably will ever say that of.

I didn’t have a favorite. I liked Biden and Warren tops. If Biden and Warren run together, I’ll be quite pleased. If Joe knocks off during his term, Warren will make a fine President. If Joe survives, he will make a fine President, too. Especially when compared to the shitshow we have today in the White House.

I had different favorites throughout the year. Biden was on top at times, Booker at others, Warren, Bullock and Bloomberg too.

Disclaimer: I am not a registered Democrat. Registered Green instead.

Of the Dem candidates: Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, Biden, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, after that don’t care.

So fourth place.

I said all along that I’d be happy to see any of these folks replacing Trump in the Oval Office.

If I lived in a remotely swingy state I’d probably vote Dem rather than Green. Or (as one person suggested) trade off with someone in a solid-red or solid-blue state who was willing to vote Green if I voted Dem. In NY where I do vote, it won’t matter if I vote Green.

I don’t know a lot about the less well known candidates.

Of the dozen or so front runners, I’d say Biden is my 8th choice (I’d prefer Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Steyer, Yang, Booker or Harris instead). Biden is still vastly better than Trump.

I’d put Biden ahead of Gabbard, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Deval Patrick. Don’t know enough about the other candidates.

Inslee and Warren were my top two, but I didn’t have any really strong preferences among the rest of the field (barring nutcases, the severely underqualified, and full-of-themselves billionaires, categories among which there is a significant level of overlap). So, I guess Biden was tied for third with about half of the candidates?

Like almost everyone here, Biden wasn’t my first choice, but I’ll vote for him in the general. Out of people who officially ran in the Democratic primary, I can think of five ahead of him, five behind him, and four at about the same position as him (the ones I can’t think of are probably in the “behind him” category). Of people who didn’t run but plausibly could, I can think of several off the top of my head that I’d like better, and there are probably several more who I would like, and just don’t know well right now.

The gunk in LHoD’s sink drain didn’t run, but if it did, I’d place it somewhere behind Biden, but ahead of Gabbard.

The full list:

[spoiler]Elizabeth Warren
Bernie Sanders
Jay Inslee
Cory Booker
Kamala Harris

(in no particular order)
Joe Biden
Kirsten Gillibrand
Amy Klobuchar
John Hickenlooper
Steve Bullock

(behind Biden)
Pete Buttigieg
Andrew Yang
Mike Bloomberg
Marianne Williamson
Sink-Drain Gunk
Tulsi Gabbard

Not running, but I wish they had:
Brian Schweitzer
Al Gore
Tammy Duckworth
Tammy Baldwin[/spoiler]

Honestly, I am not sure who was my first choice. Biden- for electability. Mayor Pete- because I liked him the best. Bernie- for ideas.

I hope for Pete in 2028. He needs some national experience however.

Joe- listen to Sanders & Warren, but take some of their craziest ideas and tone them down. I hope Sanders gets his choice of Cabinet positions. He might not go for one, of course.

I dont want Warren for Veep, since a republican will be appointed to take her place in the senate. I would also like someone younger.

Some Bernie-bros are saying Biden has to pick sanders as veep- “or else”. :rolleyes:

So, in WW2, with a Choice between Chamberlain or Hitler, you’d pick no one, since both are just as bad?

This isnt a choice better Good vs evil, it is a choice between the *end of democracy as we know it *vs a OK guy who isnt perfect.

I have to say I haven’t felt a lot of enthusiasm for any of the Democratic candidates who ran this year. I’m not a huge Biden fan but I feel he’ll do okay.

I liked Warren and Biden for electability. Warren seemed electable to me because her calm competence would make an appealing contrast to Trump, and since in 2016 Hillary got 3 million more votes, that would imply that the perennial American ‘NO CHICKS’ factor wouldn’t matter. But in retrospect the NO CHICKS people may have been more riled up than I’d originally thought, and helped scuttle Warren.

Biden will do fine. He will have a list of highly intelligent and decent people from which to staff his government. It will work out.

That “or else” is definitely stoop. But I figure folks saying that, it costs me little to try to coax and cajole them over to the side of pragmatic cynicism. Biden is 100% not going to choose Sanders, and like 95% not going to choose Warren either. We vote in the world we have, not in the world we wish we had.

Warren was my top choice, Harris was my second, and Biden was my third. I didn’t like anyone else.

I would have been fine with any number of Democratic candidates. I kinda wish Biden hadn’t run, so the voters would have not had him as the “eh, he’ll do” choice. Instead, we would have had to coalesce around someone new.