A poll on rape.

I want to know how many people on the boards have been raped.

Note that the responses for the transgendered are slightly different than for men and women. I did this because I would think that transition is a larger watershed event for the transgendered than reaching an age of consent. If you are a pre-transition transgender, please answer as the gender that you currently present, rather than as transgendered.

If I missed an option, please tell me.

Female, never raped.

I’ll bravely add my comments.

I’ve had two experiences that were technically rape, but I said “female, never been raped.”

I lost my virginity against my will in the back seat of a car, and I was once forced by my (now ex-) husband when he was angry at me.

Both of these were things that may well be considered rape to another person, but I can’t count them because I wasn’t especially traumatized afterward. With my husband, I was more concerned with reassuring him, since he did feel that he had raped me. The other time, I was still a virgin at 17, and mostly just relieved that a painful rite of passage was over with.

I realize that I’m probably just weird, and I’m in no way trying to minimize anyone else’s experience.

Female. I’ve been the ATTEMPTED target of a rape twice. Because I was such a little tomboy, and extremely strong, I was able to do enough damage to my attackers that I could get away before they could carry out their stated intentions. Both times, this was before I was 16. I looked about 17 when I was 11 or 12, and I looked about 21 when I was 16, so POSSIBLY the guys thought I was older. I did not answer the poll, since I wasn’t actually raped, though I thought I was going to be.

Chilean, that’s almost my story, except I was 13. :confused: The husband thing was odd, but I donno…it’s just…well…not the same as others, I guess.

you ladies are brave.

I agree that there needs to be categories for attempted rape and for borderline situations.

I was mugged, and in the course of the robbery they fractured my spine, leaving me unable to walk. The person who found me drove me into an alley and attempted to rape me. I pleaded with him (in a foreign language- one of my great triumphs of language learning) and after some time he decided not to go through with it and took me home.

Ah - forgot about attempted rape.

I have been raped twice, both times as an adult.

Male, never been raped.

the “never” results are too big to show any significance for the “been raped” answers (there are no trans respondents here, strange.) isolate the two for a different / follow-up survey.

for those who were raped, follow-up surveys using different demographies.

I’m female, I have not been raped, but people have attempted to rape me several times; it always involved (either as rapists or facilitators/instigators) people who were in a position of authority over me.

Apparently I look both as a damn big target and as a nice person to ask for directions…

Certain things that have happened to me would fit the legal elements of rape in most jurisdictions, like being passed out at a party and some girl blowing me (I’m not proud about it). I would have given consent if I had been able so it never upset me in the slightest. In any case, I don’t really call it rape, although I DO get how much of a game changer it is if the genders are reversed in that situation (and even if the genders are not reversed but it’s with people who have different attitudes than me).

So for me, never raped.

few other crimes dramatize the two main requisites for committing a crime: opportunity and desire. ladies, how hard is it to disassociate from these two requisites?

Sorry, me not sure I unnerstand the question… what do you mean, how hard is it to stop being in a position where people have authority over you? Well, pretty hard I’d say! How hard is it to avoid assuming that people who have authority over you will try to get you screwed (literal or figuratively)? I never did assume that; I figured out a long time ago that people who think the world is out to get them tend to be unhappy, bitter assholes, that they’re a minority, and that they constitute the majority of the people who are out to get the rest of the world. I’m not out to get anybody and bitterness seems like such a waste of life.

i’m not going to accuse women of “asking for it.” but it seems opportunity and desire by the perpetrators abound (68.7% from the numbers.)

let’s try this: ladies, do you think men would think you to be nubile and desirable?

Who seriously describes themselves as “nubile”?

Since when does one have to be nubile to be attractive to rapists? Yes, one of its meanings appears to be “sexually attractive”, but since you (mac) already say “nubile and desirable”, either you’re asking whether we think we’re “sexy and sexy” or you’re asking whether we’re “of marriable age and sexy”.

The first time someone tried to rape me I was 10, which is definitely under marriageable age. If you take “marriageable age” to mean “of an age where a person is expected to marry and be able to have kids”, then I’d like to remind you of all the old women who get raped every year.

How the fuck is a 10yo girl who stops to look at a stand of cheap jewelry on the street “making herself available” except to the fuckedest of predators?

the stats alone. victims’ ages seem to cluster between 16 and 25. you’ll forgive me if i assume anything far from this range is a little bit off the norm. i don’t lust for anyone younger than 17 or (sorry) older than my age (48.) so i can’t really see things the way others do. protecting minors is a whole new subject. but i think if i focus on the 16-30 range, i can still talk in general terms.

How’s that? Right now, more than one-quarter of all women (16/61) reported have been raped at least once in their lives (to date), even with some equivocation about calling some rapes “rape.” That seems pretty damn significant.

During both of my attempted rapes, the sleazebags talked to me first. While I know that I LOOKED older than my actual age, there’s no way that the first guy could have mistaken my social skills for being even an early teen’s.

What a rapist looks for is a target that he thinks he can overpower in some way. He wants an easy target. He might want his target to put up a struggle, but he wants to be sure of his success in the end. He’ll target younger people and kids because they’re more vulnerable, and he’ll target those who are drunk or drugged, again because they’re more vulnerable and might not even remember it. But he wants to be successful in his rape.

Males do get raped. But females are targeted much more often. And female rapists are very rare, and usually are considered rapists because they target underage kids.