A pox on you, avabeth!

Thanks to your post in this thread, I went and downloaded Snood. Haven’t gotten a thing done since.

Thanks a LOT, you :wally


I, too, am Snood-ridden as a result of avabeth’s reckless disregard for the GNP.

I am also a Snood fiend, though not because of avabeth’s promotion.

That blame is laid squarely at the feet of two of my dorm-mates.

Oh god… Snood.

It’s better than crack, and twice as addictive.

I got hooked at my last job.

Yeah, I worked hard.

Don’t worry, all. After two or three years, the charm wears off and you can move on. Mostly.

Snood. Oh dear. I haven’t downloaded that on my new computer yet.

Damn you avabeth and Scarlett67!


ooh, got indirectly sick of that game through my sister playing it for hours on end, so now I don’t touch the thing. Sounds as if this is a good, not a bad thing :slight_smile:

Wow, that was ace. It installed two bonzibuddy icons and crashed my computer! Must … have … more…

Yuck, Bonzibuddy.

Try Frozen Bubble instead, here

Caution: I can’t get it to work behind my home PC’s Zonealarm firewall but my corporate proxy/firewall has no problems with it.

What is Snood? It won’t let me play without downloading it.
Like I need another time-waster.

I prefer Bookworm at Popcap.com. It’s like liquid crack, but with Scrabble tiles.

My cousin introduced me to Snood at her house back in October of 2001. It took me about 18 months to kick the habit.

Hey Kinsey, if you like Bookworm, try Text Twist at http://funpage.cometsystems.com/

Ta :-). I spent a very long time indeed playing dynomite on games.yahoo.com, so I imagine I could end up playing that one for a while. The most fiendishly addictive work game I’ve yet played was Gridlock. It’s a browser based block sliding thing, way above average and not even made by a dedicated games company…

Damn you, Fin_man! You’ll be getting the bill for my carpel tunnel treatments!

Snood. Ah yes. WE REGISTERED IT.

Ahh, Snood. The number one thing my friends and I did in college…

Ooh ooh, if there are two of you, the one and only game you must play is liero. Hours upon countless hours of fun. Worms! Shooting things! Only better than Worms™!

Wow, scarlett, you just scared the crap out of me! I was sitting her wracking my brain trying to figure out what I’d done to deserve a Pitting! I was away over the weekend for my brother’s wedding, so I didn’t even see this until this morning:D .

Whew. I know - it’s addicting, isn’t it? I yelled at the person who sent it to me, too. And yes, I registered it for my home PC AND my Palm Pilot. They got me, too.


Thank god I don’t get addicted to things like that…though I’m sure my parents wished I did instead of dangerous stuff. LOL.