A pox upon you Sweet 'N Low using hooligans!

Every morning I get to work and go to the coffee counter for a semi-palatable cuppa joe. Every single morning, I find empty halves of Sweet 'N Low packets put back into the tray with the full and unused ones. WTF Sweet 'N Low users? Why do you put your trash back into the unused packets? Why don’t you use the trash can that is conveniently provided for that purpose? Splenda users don’t do this. Equal users don’t do this. Why the FUCK do Sweet 'N Low users do this???

Do you only need half a packet and you are putting the other half back for someone else to use? 'Cause when I pick up the trash, frequently a shitload of white powder falls out of one of the open halves spilling all over the counter and my clothes. Get a clue. No one else is going to use your opened packet. They will simply get a fresh one, use half of it, and toss the remainder back into the pile like you did. Throw the goddamned things in the trash.

*Note, I realize that all Sweet 'N Low users are not morons, and this is probably the work of only one asshat fellow employee. I just needed to get this off my chest.

I am not defending this practice! But I’m guessing the Splenda and Equal users don’t do it because (if I recall correctly) Sweet 'N Low packs more sweetness into the packet and you use less. I know I do.

Break room/lounge users: when there are doughnuts left out for the multitudes, either eat a whole doughnut or toss what you don’t want. I know your parents raised you for frugality and there are people starving at companies down the street, but no one wants your halved (or thirded) doughnut remnant.

Not true. As long as it’s cut with a knife (as opposed to a couple bites taken out), I’m all for half donuts. I like having a few different types; if I can share with someone, I’m happy.

Speak for yourself. I love it when there is just a little morsel of a doughnut left that I can pop into my mouth. I can never make a committment to a particular doughnut and appreciate it if someone leaves a portion of a glazed, custard filled or a bearclaw for me to sample.

My Splenda-using darling daughter stuffs her empty packets back inna box, every day. Well, unless she’s left them to decorate the counter-top.

On the other hand, one thing I learned around here is that ya can’t expect people to eat your muffin stumps or pizza bones.

Nothing to add, except that in quickly scrolling past this thread I thought it said something about “Sweet 'N Low using holograms.”

So get Zen with it. One fine morning you grab a handful of packets, enough to last you a month or so. Then stop cleaning up after the asshole. Let the box get stuffed with half empty packets. Hell, go ahead and toss your empty packets in there too. Sooner or later the slob will be forced to clean up his/her crap. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

Sigh I can’t do it. Since our customers use the coffee station as well, I don’t want to make a mess on purpose.

We have a doughnut box too, and I’ve seen bites taken out of them and then put back in the box, and ones that are cut in half. I might eat a cut half of one, but if I see a bite out of one, I won’t eat any that are left in the box at all. I don’t cruise by the doughnuts that often anymore though so that doesn’t get to me like seeing the trash packets every single day.

I, on the other hand, read the thread title as written but parsed it as “the Sweet & Low Corporation has decided to employ hooligans! A pox be upon them!”

“Please state the nature of the sweetener emergency.”:wink:

Sweet N Low is disgusting and artificial-tasting. I don’t get all the fuss over using a non-chemical product like sugar in coffee in favor of dreck like artificial sweeteners in order to save some calories.

At least Equal doesn’t taste like absolute ass. Never tried Spenda. My parents use it and now both have strange growths protruding from their foreheads.

After all these years your parents are sprouting horns now?

Blech. This kind of thing is why I don’t drink coffee. Though I might be encouraged to change my mind if they started offering chocolate syrup packets in with the sweet’n’low and equal. It would make a much bigger mess though.

The if it’s a part of a donut it has no calorie clause.

Show some obsessive compulsion. Tape all the partial packages shut, and if you have time weigh and mark them.

I need to know who cut the doughnut - some of these nasty hands should never touch my food!

Ponder this: every office has the idiots that paw through all the doughnuts to see which one they may want to actually eat. Many of them have probably just come from the bathroom, or have just blown their noses or scratched their buttcracks, or are in the early stages of flu. If that doesn’t raise your paranoia level, nothing will.

Happy to help with your weight loss program, no need to thank me.


I am exceptionally brand loyal to Sweet N Low. I enjoy its taste and appreciate the success it *could *have had, if it hadn’t been smeared from the get-go by the sugar barons.

[Homer]First you get the sugar, then you get the money, then you get the women…[/Homer]