"A Prairie Home Companion"-This Show Stinks!

I absolutely despised Seinfeld the humor to me was not funny and mean spirited and pointless. I love The Red Green Show but I know people that think its is realy stupid. Somehow when I say that is the point they look at me like I am crazy. I realy like PHC. I think that there are regional and cultural differences in humor that are hard to explain. Although, I have to wonder how someone could fail to find the Duck tape council funny.

On some of the shows I could swear Garrison is just fucking with his sound effect guys. Like he’ll describe a stampede and start throwing really random animals in there. Hee.

Geeze, dude, how can you pick on GK? He’s talking about my neighbors!

OK, I admit it. I’m a Minnesotan, and I don’t like PHC. Of course, some here would say I’m not a “real” Minnesotan–I lived in a small town in Montana for most of my formative years. However, I’ve lived in Minnesota almost thirteen years, (in small town, city, and suburb) and I like many things about this state, including MPR. I like old radio shows. I like Red Green. I just can’t stand PHC, though.

My husband grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, and he can’t stand PHC either. He could barely stand living in a small town in Wisconsin, so perhaps that’s it. Maybe if you really liked living in a small town, you’d like PHC, and if you were the type who were dying to escape, you don’t like it.

You’re right, chique. Yeah, I’m not GK’s biggest fan, but I can’t believe that he in the Pit!

I love that show, you can kiss my grits. :slight_smile:

Mmm…rhubarb pie…

Well, there is no accounting for taste. I suppose the next move will be to Pit Mother Theresa for her fashion sense. I enjoy PHC. I am a regular listener. It is a good share of the reason I contribute to my local NPR stations. I see it as witty, creative and entertaining. It does require a certain degree of pre-knowledge and maturity. Those of you who don’t like it are free to go watch music videos of adolescent young women dressed as street walkers or listen to windbag/ top 40 radio.

Hell, I’m 22 and I laugh my ass off.
And I even live in a house!

Wow! With indoor plumbing? :wink:

:rolleyes: Yeah, because it’s such an either/or type situation.

As a Minnesotan who has met Mr. Keillor in the flesh, I feel I must pipe in.

He’s a pompous ass.

Oh, that’s pretty clear. I remember the to-do when he dumped his wife and moved the show to New York - rather telling, many folks thought. But he does have a wonderful storytelling talent, and remarkably catholic tastes in music, so yeah, it’s worth the pomposity.

Oxy, who spent ten summers in Fargo and four years in southern Minnesota.
Powdermilk Biscuits: Heavens they’re tasty and expeditious!

So’s Tom Bodette (the Motel 6, “We’ll leave the lights on for ya” guy, who hails from Homer, Alaska), so are many “celebrities”.

So? (not meant to be snotty) He’s still got a funny show.

And to the previous poster with the rollie at the “either/or” situation. I don’t really blame the poster who originally said that.

No, it’s not always an “either/or” situation, but it seems as if, in this day and age, it sure leans that way a lot of the time.

In other words those that don’t like “down home,” reasonably clean humor seem to, many times, only find the “gross out” sophmoric humor of people like Jim Carey funny.

(ps, don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked a few of his movies, but that’s another thread).

The only good part of his show is the News from Lake Woebegone. Maybe it’s because I was raised Lutheran. It’s all true! Except the coffee in the fellowship hall, never had that when I was a SpazKitten. For me, it’s a way to kill time before Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

** CanvasShoes**. Very valid point. I guess ever since I met him the hair on the back of my neck stands up every time I hear him. I heard Nicolas Cage is cocky, yet I still loved him in Raising Arizona.

I find it interesting that the two “downhome folks” mentioned are asses. For what it matters, Minnesota’s other “down home clean humor guy” is a wonderful person, who I met a chatted with for a good 15 minutes.

Louie Anderson.

The Anti-Keillor

Speaking as an intelligent, well-read, mature fellow northeast Iowa native who hates top 40, music videos, and scantily clad adolescents, I’d like to cordially invite you to bite my ass. I loathe Garrison Keillor.

I enjoy the Lake Woebegone stories and the music, but the other sketches leave me cold. Yes, Guy Noir was amusing–the first few times. Now it’s just grating. Keillor is also so smug that it really puts me off.

Is that a proposition?

It nice to see another Hawkeye (or something) around here. Like I said, there’s no accounting for taste.

I like Garrison Keillor, and his show.

To me, this whole thread is like shooting at a mockingbird, and a rather avoidable mockingbird at that, given that NPR doesn’t really saturate our society like how MTV does.

I also like to be exposed to the varying kinds of music displayed on the show, even if I might not care for some of it.

For those who miss his TV days, his website ( http://phc.mpr.org ) puts on a webcast during the live airing of the show (6 - 8pm ET) with a choice of one or three cameras. It’s better than nothing.

I also like his non-fiction writings; I will admit that I’m usually not really entertained by his works of fiction. And, the house band is great. I wouldn’t mind having a gig there.

Hmmm…looks like a rather old repeat for tomorrow. I guess he gave in to his usual March slump due to the war.