A presidential Candidate So Tone-Deaf That He Leases A Ranch Called Niggerhead?

I thought it must be a joke, but apparently Rick Perry, Governor of Texas really has a ranch that for years had the name “Niggerhead” painted on it’s entrance.

How did the voters of Texas not take notice of this?

Is this going to be a huge political liability for Perry, or is this not really a big deal?

If you had a white buddy who drove a Cadillac Escalade with a bumpersticker that said “Nigger Rich” would you ride in his car with him?

I guess the question really is, did the ranch retain the name after he bought it?

Buying a piece of property with a racist name doesn’t mean anything in and of itself, but keeping the name, or substituting one of your own does.

No. Apart from being offended, I’d be terrified of getting shot, or dragged out of the car and beaten to death.


It sounds like his family rented it for many years, but did not actually own it. That said, it also looks like the name, painted on a stone at the entrance, remained for some time (years?) after they began to rent it.


I don’t know. Why don’t you actually post some links to some facts about the story instead of just assuming that the worst version of events you might have heard is the correct one?

I don’t think it matters much now as he’s definitely not the favorite. Still I’m appalled.

Not only am I appalled, but I am also moving this to the Elections forum.

It says that it had been painted over but was still visible under thin paint and that he didn’t own the property.

So…I guess.

I don’t give a fuck that somebody painted the word ‘nigger’ on a rock on land that would years later be leased by Perry- paint that would later be poorly covered up by somebody else at some indeterminate point.

This is stupider than the $200 Edwards haircut scandal.

This is stupider than Obama’s pastor-whoever-the-fuck scandal.

It’s amusing to me that people would actually care about these things.

GODDAMNIT I hate politics SO MUCH it makes my bones sore.

Really? You don’t give a fuck that a potential politician was so blind to the issues facing our country that he/she couldn’t recognize the divisive nature of Niggerhead? How about kikenose or wetback swamp? Is there anything that would offend you? How about if Obama went to Cracker Island or Fuck Whitey Mountain?

Are the Democrats and liberals so despearte that they use absurd shit like this to criticize Perry? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Robert Byrd was a KKK member for years and voted against the Civil Rights Act yet that was forgiven.

Barack Obama associates with a pardoned terrorist and went to the church of a minister who blames for America for everything yet that is forgiven.

Yet a measly piece of property’s name is somehow a great shock. :dubious:

If Obama went to Cracker Island or Fuck Whitey Mountain I would laugh my ass off, and probably die of heart failure. I actually want him to go to those places on his last day in office now, just to freak people out, and make me laugh.

Oh, and Qin. Some people have certainly not forgiven Obama for Reverend Wright, and even those who did did so only after a month-long freak-out from Republicans. And I still can’t believe Robert Byrd was elected, and then reelected, and reelected. It’s disgusting.

Herman Cain seems to be the main person driving to the story, and to a lesser extent Mitt Romney. Neither are Democrats or liberals.

Agree the actual story seems to be pretty silly though.

Well the OP among others are probably Democrats yet they seem to consider this more than simply a minor mistake.

Well you get to lay in the bed you made. It’s called backlash.

I thought he went to Fuck Whitey Church? :confused:

Indeed, my guess would be that the Post’s sources are supporters of one or the other.

Byrd apologized for his past long, long before you were born. Obama did not associate with a “pardoned terrorist”. Bill Ayers was never tried, much less convicted or pardoned, for acts committed when Obama was half your age. Rev. Wright was a Marine medic who at one time attended LBJ. Just because you heard one quote out of context replayed endlessly on your favorite news network does not mean that he “blamed America for everything.”

In the end, who cares? Perry is dead meat anyway.

Only difference is, this one will stick. :smiley:

Which is why he and his wives were fugitives for several years.

“We did this to Hiroshima and Nagasaki” and “the chickens are coming home to roost”. Unless he were parodying someone the context is fairly clear.

Then do it over real issues not over meaningless fluff like this.

If Rick Perry built a ranch and named it “Niggerhead,” I would be absolutely furious.

If Rick Perry bought a ranch named “Niggerhead,” and didn’t rename it, I’d be pretty pissed.

If Rick Perry visited a ranch named “Niggerhead,” I’d be very displeased.

If Rick Perry visited a ranch that used to be named “Niggerhead,” but they claim they renamed it, except it still has all these signs that say “Niggerhead” everywhere, I’d be annoyed.

By the time you get down to Rick Perry visiting a ranch that used to be named “Niggerhead,” but they renamed it, except instead of taking down the old signs, they just painted over them, I’m pretty well into “don’t give a fuck” territory.