A Question About Ceramics.

I have just recently started attending ceramics classes and am very much enjoying it.

Can any dopers who do ceramics tell me if there are sites on the web with good pictures you can download to trace onto greenware.

I like bold/bright colours and simple pictures (I am just starting out after all). My main aim is to make Christmas gifts for my many family members.

Any other advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated as this is turing out to be a very addictive hobby :slight_smile: and I’m keen to get good at it.



I can’t give you any ideas for web stuff to copy, but, I can send you to your nearest bookstore or art supply store. Look for anything printed by Dover Books. They supply bazillions of crafters with non-copyrighted designs that can be used on ceramics, jewelry, you name it. Sort of like clip art in paper form. I am particularly fond of a book they have called “Celtic Designs”, but they have animals, art deco, art nouveau, Christmas, all KINDS of themed books, and I would guesstimate that 50% of the designs are pretty simple, line-type drawings. I’m going to see if there’s a link to Dover… I’ll be right back.

Found it:


Also, I forgot to mention you might stock up on children’s coloring books for simple, bold design ideas. Good luck!