How can I learn more about this pottery?

I have a ceramic teapot & bowl that I inherited from my mother. On the bottom of the teapot, there’s a hand-written note from my grandmother (I think?) saying it was a wedding gift to her mother in 1888, and it was from Norway.

I recently was at a garage sale a friend of mine had, and I found a matching piece. He was under the impression it was nothing particularly old or unique. But now I’m intrigued - how do I find out more about these pieces? Did my grandmother dupe me, and this was something she picked up at the five & dime way back when? Are they really old? Can anyone suggest some web sites or other references that might help me out? I’ve googled, but not finding much on my own.

And before anyone asks, no, there are no markings or names on them, and no, a google image search has not brought up anything of interest.

Googled keramikk norge. This link has some examples from different factories, as well as the names of other factories. Most of the other stuff I get seems to be from specific companies or artists, but checking out the Images may be helpful.

If you’d already found those, sorry, best I can think of right now. I know we have some posters in/from Norway, but no idea whether flodnak is into pottery :slight_smile:

I didn’t find that site - thank you! I don’t see anything like my pieces there, but I went ahead and sent the site owner an email, maybe he can point me in the right direction.

This site is pretty good for such open questions:


Don’t necessarily cast dispersion on your grandmother, she may be passing along erroneous information that was given to her.

Ever watch Antique’s Roadshow? There are numerous people that have things their ancestors claim to be high value antiques that are really cheap rubbish.

It might be a long shot, but you might try You can ask them general info, send them a picture - maybe they could identify it.