Anybody know much about antique porcelain? (Garage sale find)

Picked up a very pretty porcelain pitcher this morning at a garage sale. It has some wear around the edges and normal porcelain crackling, but otherwise in very nice shape with no chips or cracks.

There is a hallmark on the bottom which I’ve figured out is from the Ohio China Company (East Palestine, OH) which was in business around 1890-1912). The hallmark says O.C.C.O over “LimogeS Porcelain” which you can see a clearer version of here. According tothis page (way down, search for “Ohio China”), this hallmark was used in the early 1900s, so I guess it was probably made between 1900-1912.

Anybody know enough about this stuff to tell me if this is worth anything? Was this a good find? Besides what I’ve found out about its history, I can’t figure out anything about its value.

I only paid $4 for it, so if it’s worthless I won’t be out anything.

I believe your pitcher that was part of a set that included a bowl intended to sit on a dry sink. Try a search with the name and dry sink or dry sink bowl and pitcher, either on Google or EBay.

Thanks for the info, very interesting!