Antique mugs...violinist munks?

My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago and I’ve started taking a look at some of the old stuff she had (that seems purchased from antique stores).

There are three similarly styled mugs. All start off light tan/white at the top and fade to a darker brown. All have a picture of one person on it. In two of them, the person is playing a violin. In the third, the person is drinking with one hand and carrying a basket with the other.


From left to right, here are the markings on the bottoms of the mugs:

Mug 1:

  • Frank M. Stone. 1905 (this may be handwritten on, but I can’t tell if it’s handwritten or just made the same way the picture is made)
  • Hohenzollern China. Germany.
  • A sticker for SHACKELFORD; Carrolton, Ill.; $95.00

Mug 2:

  • L.W.L in big black letters. Seems to be a part of the mug.

Mug 3:

  • Lebeau Porcelaine

Any clue? The most I could dig up was on Lebeau Porceline, but even that wasn’t much.

Mugs are all in almost perfect condition. A flecks of paint or whatever chipped off, but I’d drink out of these without hesitation.

Thanks guys!

Does the mark on the first one look like the second or third mark here?

Neither, actually.

Strictly a WAG here- but it sounds like they might be hand painted or hand finished with a decal. At the time, bisque-ware (unfinished mugs, plates,etc.) was sold, glazed, then fired. That would explain why the various sizes and pottery makers but the similarity of subject. They may have been sold as a set by Shackellford.

Of course, a more knowledgeable Doper will probably knock my theory out of the water.

Got another antique…an old chest (ooh, exciting!)

Don’t know much about it. Here are pics:

Close up of design:

Any way to appraise these kind of things remotely, or would I need to take it somewhere?