A question about Elder Scrolls : Arena

So, I recently downloaded Arena (FTR, it’s a free download on the Elder Scrolls site*), and I have a basic question :
I’m told at the beginning that I would find the first part of the staff of chaos in a place named “Fang Lair” or something like that. However, I’ve no clue how to find this place. I don’t really want a spoiler, just want to know how one get this kind of information. Will I get it later in the game? Is there a way to ask people about this place that I’m missing? Is there something specific to do?

Thanks in advance.

(*) Although for some reason, I couldn’t manage to make it work with the DosBox, so I eventually downloaded the game on a French site, since this version didn’t require to know anything about the DosBox, it took care of it, and I just had to click on the icon to start the game. I mention this and give the link in case someone would download Arena and would have the same problem. It’s the English version of the game with a French translation in option.