A Question about links

I read the section on vb code but I didn’t see how to do this.

I can cut and paste a link into a post but some people do this and then change the link to a single word (for more info look here) Here is purple and underlined and when you click on it you go to the link.

How do you do that?

It does say how to do what you want in the vB coding instructional page. For a quick example, hit the “quote” button at the bottom of this post to see how I did the following:

A good reference on urban legends is the snopes page.

This is coded as:
A good reference on urban legends is the (url=“http://www.snopes2.com/”)snopes(/url) page.
only with square brackets rather than parentheses.

Fairly straighforward, but be careful to use the “http://” prefix, as (I think) vB has an odd default of adding “http://boards.straightdope.com/” in front of any address without the leading “http://”

It is there in the code, you just have to work your way through it (and practice using Preview, if you want my advice–you can click on the link in the Previewed text and it ought to work. If it doesn’t, scroll back down to the Reply window and figure out what you did wrong).

It goes like this, but without the spaces:

[ URL = " http:whatever it is " ] Blue Words [ / URL ]

left bracket, URL, equals, quotation marks, then Copy and Paste the http address, then another quotation mark (very important), then a right bracket, then whatever words you want to be in blue, then a left bracket, then a right slash / and URL which means “end URL” the way [/hijack] means “end hijack”, then a final right bracket.

The main reason the links mess up is because you left out a bracket somewhere, or a set of quotation marks, or because you got a left bracket somewhere instead of a right bracket.

Always use Preview. :slight_smile:


I think.

And I only had to preview 7 times.

Thanks again.