A question about Meet Joe Black

Can someone answer this for me. I’ve seen the movie 3 times. Each and everytime I manage to miss the same scene. When Death starts speaking to Anthony Hoplins character, he starts by saying Yes. He (Death) eventually says it’s the answer to a question Hopkins character has been asking himself. Would someone please tell me what the question was? It’s driving me nuts.

I think the question is ‘am I going to die?’ which is something Hopkins character has been asking himself every time something bad’s happened.

I always wonder about Brad Pitt’s character going to back to who he used to be after Death gives up his body. Didn’t his body get hit by a Truck, and thus many/all of his bones would be shattered?

And I was surprised with Anthony Hopkin’s characters daughter seemed happy at the end, even though her dad was likely lying dead behind that hill somewhere.

The question is indeed “am I going to die?” This is resolved at the end of the conversation you describe.

Actually, thinking some more about it, the actual question as posed in the movie was “am I dying?”, but you get the drift.