A question about shoes

Not entirely sure if this is the right forum, but oh well. I have this generalized problem in buying shoes. They don’t make them in my size. I have really wide, somewhat long feet and women’s sizes just don’t cut it. I wear men’s shoes, which in my general life isn’t a problem. I can get away with leather sandals and airwalks and sketchers for most of the time, and Doc Martins do fit, giving me some semblance of dress shoes, but I can’t get I want for getting really dressed up. I know there are a few websites that cater to these problems, but they only see to sell shoes that would apeal to my grandmother’s tastes instead of my own. I want silver high heeled sandles, not orthopedic shoes, as I’m 19, not 75. Now my brother, and I actually believe he was being nice and not snippy, told me to look for where ever cross dressers (sorry if that is an inappropriate term, I’m not well versed in such things, I went to Catholic school), buy their shoes, and men’s feet in general are longer and wider than women’s. The reason that I didn’t just google this is I am rather afraid of what nonuseful sights would come up, even with filters for adult content. Anyone with personal experience/ useful advice would be in my debt, as I really do want a pair of silver sandals.

Are you comfortable telling us your size and width? That would help with the search.

Something like these? Up to size 15W.

Or try here.

You can also browse through this google directory for oversized shoes.

I had success at Dave’s Wide Shoes when I had to get bridesmaid shoes. I like that they have dyeables.

Here’s a strappy silver heel: Silver Slingback

I like Tapioca’s link better, tho.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with finding good shoes :frowning: I have the exact same problem!

I wear a men’s 8 to 9 wide or doulbe wide, depending on the brand.

Allow me to introduce you to zappos.com. They have a great selection. You can search by style, size and color. How fancy do you want your sandals to be?