A question about the blind.

I realize that this is a pretty indelicate subject but it’s one that my brother always asked me, (as if I were blind) how do blind people know when they are done cleaning themselves after they take a dump ?

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I don’t want to presume about your anatomy, Scott, but most people find that the position of their eyes vis-a-vis their anus pretty much rules out a visual inspection.

Don’t forget that people who are without a sense (hearing, vision…) usually have “over devolped” the rest of their senses to make due. For example I see blind people cross even the most busy intersections relying on just hearing to tell if traffic has stopped or how far away it is, in what direction, and probably even the speed that someone is traveling towards or away from them. Basically… let’s just say… they figure it out one way or another.

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Mike, you’re forgetting the proximity of some people’s heads to the area in question. As in “inside looking out.”

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Pardon for being blunt, but that is what noses are for.

What is it “noses are for.”

Oh man. This is BEYOND indelicate. Okay… "Olestra"anyone? “TIME” did a big story when it was first approved, and in it was a relevant detail. Humans can detect an INCREDIBLY small amount of fluid, or solid, at the …uh…opening. I mean…small. Sight has nothing to do with this.
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What the eye cannot see, the nose can see.

So where you might look at the paper, they can smell it. Also,the finger method works but is not as clean.

In India, they don’t use toilet paper. They use a jar of water and the right hand.


How do they clean the jar, then?

They don’t. They re-cycle it. (sorry…but you left your end “wide open”)

SLY, you sure it’s the right hand? In Arab cultures the left hand is never used in eating because , uh, well, out in the desert there aren’t even any leaves so the left hand
is cleaned afterwards with sand.

Blind people probably lead skid mark lives and just don’t know about it.

I don’t believe anybody can detect the smell of leftovers in a room where they just prepared dinner.

Mr. John is correct and Handy is incorrect. The right hand is used for eating. Never would one use his right hand for cleansing himself.

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And about the jar…it’s called a lotha (low-tah), and it doesn’t get dirty. You hold the lotha in your left hand, pour some water into your right hand, and wash. Repeat as necessary.
Much more hygenic than toilet paper, if you ask me.

“I think it would be a great idea” Mohandas Ghandi’s answer when asked what he thought of Western civilization

Damn! I said that all backwards. You hold the lotha in your right hand, pour the water in you left hand. Sorry about that.

Really Lucky? So hard to believe that everyone HAS to do it that way. They don’t. They can use whatever hand they want to.

However, how does the water get to the right area? I would assume a bit of splashing and, thus, a mess, so there must be something I don’t know about it yet.

Let’s put it this way, handy. In the muslim world, it’s considered extremely offensive to use your left hand for eating or greeting. In Arabian Nights, there is a story about a man who couldn’t use his right hand for some reason, and the consequences he faced from using the left hand.

Socialized this strongly to use the right hand for social matters, you can be sure they are also socialized to use the left hand for sanitary reasons.

More hygienic? Please. Someone tell me how splashing water on your ass is going to get it clean. What about females - do they let the runoff get in contact with other areas that do not benefit from the presence of intestinal flora and fauna?

Aren’t females taught to wipe front-to-back?
Do they use different hands for cleaning each area? (I assume they wash their hands before handing the jar back to themselves).

I think that lotha thing is a load of crap, and I don’t care what anyone says, you have to wipe that shit off.