How do blind people know when to quit wiping?

This is my blind fiancee’s response:

This is to inform the ignorant fool who asked this question:

“We stick our heads up our rectum and sniff. Anything else?”

Honestly. :rolleyes:

Can you see if your ass is clean? You have exception joint articulation if you can.

Craniorectal inversion.

When the seeing eye dog stops sniffing your ass?

No, but you can examine the paper - which I think is the OP’s point.

It may be an ignorant question (as are all earnest questions, technically), but why is it foolish?

I’d think a quick sniff of the paper would suffice.

Err, welcome to the Straight Dope! Quite an interesting first post! I mean no disrespect at all, but was wondering…did you create an account here specifically to ask this question? :stuck_out_tongue:

So all of the nasty dudes leaving skidmarks in their undies? What the F##K is the problem?

Probably diet.

I only ever get skid marks when my feces is very thick and sticky, almost like a thick tar. No amount of wiping with paper will clean my butt when it gets like that. But this only happens when I have been eating a lot of junk food.

Blind people don’t see the skid marks either, so it’s a win/win.

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Ok, sorry. Shouldn’t have let it get to me/us. It isn’t the worst we’ve heard.

So…how does a blind person know? This thread has me curious, too.

Try baby wipes. They’re amazing for this!

“They” don’t know.

Some might wipe enough to feel clean, and since there is no “all blind people must do the following after wiping rule” that is 100% enforceable, then the question should be directed at individual blind persons, and should not be posed as if any answer could be given for all blind people.

How do non-blind people who are grossed out by their own bodies know? There are folks out there that won’t look. They wipe enough and take their chances.

Maybe some people, blind or not, sniff the paper, touch the paper or wipe 10x every time to play is safe.

How do human beings know when they are clean? Get cracking, because there are over 6 billion humans.

Being blind creates some difficulties that sighted people don’t have. After reading this thread, I was curious whether there was a common way that this problem was solved. Obviously, there will be some variation in solutions, but I don’t personally know any blind people and even if I did, it’s not something I would ask them.

Your response, while technically accurate, looks like a response to a racist question – how does <ethnic group> do <something>? However, unlike an ethnic group, blind people really do have something in common – they cannot see.

I guess the question is more relevant for people who are almost completely blind, not just legally blind. Anyway, in case I lose my sight somehow, if anyone has any good tricks for solving this problem, I love to hear them.

If the two of you respond like this to all questions relating to his disability, I’m not sure the problem is the people asking the questions.

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Given that I have addressed with the rules violation, and the poster has apologized, I don’t think it merits further commentary. If you want to criticize his response, take it to the Pit.

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