Blind People

I’m not sure of a delicate way to phrase this question, but I’ll try my best: After a bowel movement, cleanup using bathroom tissue generally involves visual verification of success. How do blind people know when they’re clean? Sometimes it takes only a small number of repetitions, while other times it seems to take a whole roll, so it seems like it would be hard to tell. I mean no disrespect whatsoever to the blind; I’m just curious.

Braille. :smiley:

God’ll getcha for that, TLD.

Well, I’m not blind [legally, I am, but not in the way you mean], but I can usually tell I’m, uh, “done” by how it feels when I wipe. If it feels dry and the paper kind of scrapes instead of slides, chances are pretty good you’re clean.

All right – where’s lieu? He should have *something * to contribute! :smiley:

We need a “report this post to Lieu” button.

Shaped like a roll of TP.

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Oh no, just linking to make sure you get an answer. Might get even more insight dependent on who answers this thread as well.