A question for all the clothes manufacturers out there...

Is it really so difficult to make jeans that either:
[li]don’t cost $85.00, or[/li][li]aren’t “preworn”[/li][/list=a]
By preworn, I mean they are either tattered around the cuffs, so it looks like I bought them too long and have been stepping on them for the last few weeks, or that they have those weird white stripes down the front, so they look “hip.”

But the white stripes weren’t enough, oh no. Now the have these preworn stripes in different colors. Like red on green jeans.

What the fuck?!?! Can’t I just get a decent pair of blue or black jeans in the traditional style for a price that doesn’t force me to eat Ramen noodles until I get paid again?

Channeling Andy Rooney again, are we?


Is there no Target? No Shopko?


Never have any problem finding blue, black or tan jeans completely free of pre-wear wear at either of these locations. Certainly there must be a similar store in your area.

Shopko?!?!?!? I’ve never heard of Shopko but it certainly doesn’t sound like a place from which a person should be purchasing jeans but rather a 24-pack of paper towels and a 5-gallon jug of Tide.

How old of a fellow are you, Lord Ashtar?

Shopko is a department store chain based in Wisconsin. It is on the order of Kmart, Target, etc. It’s not a bulk store a la Sam’s Club, although I will concede that it does sound like one.

One word. Um, actually three words.

Steve and Barry’s.

Plain jeans for $7.98. Can’t beat that with a stick.


Well, last time i bought jeans (about 18 months ago) i got a pair of regular blue Levis 501 button-fly jeans, a pair of black Levi’s button-fly jeans, and a piar of black, narrow-leg Calvin Klein jeans. Each pair was under $40. This was in NYC, but i’m sure i’ve seen similar prices in the Levi’s store at the local mall.

thrift stores

Try www.newport-news.com

They tout “the perfect fitting jean.” If your body is like mine, they will fit great. Most jeans about $40 – any cut or color you can think of.

Shopko is the Store For You [sup]TM[/sup]. It’s a low- to mid-range department store that sells everything from pet supplies to home furnishings to electronics to clothing. Good prices, decent selection (if a little pedestrian, which is fine for me since I don’t dress fancy) and name-brand jeans (Lee, Levi’s, Wrangler and the like) go for less than $20 a pair.

I picked up some nice Levi 569s (the best kind) from a department store a few weeks back (can’t remember which) for about $35. You obviously don’t know where the heck to shop if you are seeing $85 dollar jeans. Abercrombie, by any chance?

Land’s End:


You can also try Sears, Old Navy, WalMart, KMart.

Where are you shopping for jeans, dude? Nordstrom?

I was about to suggest Levi’s as well. My husband wears the 550s for about $35/pair.

No need to knock Nordstom. You can score Polo jeans there in the $50 - 60 range.

The store that inspired this rant is Rugged Outfitters. It was supposed to be a place where the major manufacturers send the stuff that didn’t make it past inspection, but was okay to wear. But all I saw was either preworn or over $80. I’ll be sure to check out a few of the places mentioned.

Dang, 85 bucks for a pair of jeans? Do they come with a nice ass pre-installed?

I just bought two pairs for about $70!!!*

*Ass not included

Old Navy has jeans for around $22.50. Also, if you’re looking for more “young” styles, you can usually get Bullhead jeans at PacSun for around $50 for two pairs.