A Question for british old car fans: Rover 3500

Are parts still available for these cars in England? The Rover 3500 was a very interesting car, it was small and light, witha big Buick-derived V-8 engine. every once in a whiole you see one in the USA-I always liked thelook of these cars. Can you still get parts for them? i saw a beautifully restored one once, in Copenagen-nice!

You mean the SD1? First time I’ve seen it described as small. By British standards it was a fairly large car. But yes, a very elegant one. I don’t think they make parts for them any more, but there are companies selling unused parts that have been in storage since the car went out of production.

The Rover V8 found its way into three big Rovers referred to as “3500” (the P5b, P6 and SD1) and only recently was large scale production stopped. It was also used in a myriad of smaller sports cars and parts would seem to be plentiful.

I too would like an SD1 but either of the other two big Rovers would be nice :slight_smile:

The P6 car that you linked to is the only one that was brought into the states in any quanity.
I had a friend that had a P6 2000SC that was a wonderful car. then they bought a 3500S and could not keep it on the road.

There was a special edition of the P6 created for the US, the NADA (North American Dollar Area) version. Quite spiffy, it came with all sorts of extras and an unfortunate set of air intakes on the bonnet.