A question for gobear

I’ve been wondering something for a while. How, exactly, does one pronounce “gobear”? Is it:

a. go bear
b. go, bear
c. go! bear!
d. gob ear
e. go be ARRR (a Howard Dean sort of YAAAR) or
f. something else altogether.

This isn’t keeping me up at night . . . . . . . . . yet.

It’s Go Bear, as in “you go, bear.” Used to be Goboy, but I changed it ew years ago.

Three minutes? That’s gotta be a record. I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for go be YAAAR! but “you go, bear” works too. :slight_smile:

Only on “Talk Like a Pirate” day;)

I never thought about it, but having read it, I must admit I find “gob ear” to be an amusing handle! :wink:

I thought it was pronounced “Throatwobbler Mangrove”

Aw, now the mystery is ruined!

I personally was holding out for Go! Be! Ar!, like some sort of alphabet-soup chant.

No, that’s how to pronounce “Roger Thornhill”! :slight_smile:

(Or was it C.K. Dexter Haven…) :confused:

Or as if gobear were a form of anime.

[sub]That’s what Yu-gi-oh is, right?[/sub]

Goboy wasn’t accurate enough, see?

When a boy grows up, he becomes a bear. Then he goes on to make animated toilet paper commercials.

I know you’re gay, but are you a “bear” type gay guy?

As in big and hairy (for others not hip with the lingo).

How did you know I had an enormous hooter?!

From what I’ve seen (which isn’t near as much as I’d like to*) he’s not. Or at least not a “classic” bear. He’s clean-shaven, muscular but not particularly hulking/bearish. I can’t speak for body hair, unfortunately*…
*Ya know I’m funnin’, gobear. I know you’re happily attached.

I can. He’s hairy. Granted, my perspective is slightly skewed. YMMV.

And understand, please, that I’m going only by what I’ve seen in photos, never having met gobear in person, so my perceptions are probably WAY off.

Well, i think pictures are in order.

Here’s one, but you can’t really tell much, as far as body hair goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then it would be spelled “Luxury Yacht,” wouldn’t it?

Now then, would you like to go on a camping holiday?


He speaks Korean, doesn’t he? For all we know goh-bi-ahr means “hemorrhoidal bat” or something.