A question for the higher ups... about connections

Hello Higher Ups,

I wanted to ask a question about the server or whatever that this place is hosted on.

I get timed out A LOT while I am on the board. I have been reading the posts for a long time, and subscribed a few months ago because I found that this is the only place that I am really on the internet.

But my question is this: I get hosed, “Page cannot be displayed”, generally dropped from my connection very frequently when I am surfing/trying to post on this board. Is there some sort of problem or something with the board? It happens on different computers, different connections (my friend’s DSL, my other friend’s 56k, my work’s government T1 line)…

If this is a dumb question, please forgive me. If the Moderators or whoever want to email me instead of post to this they can, its fine with me…

Thank you in advance, this place is the shining point on the internet.

Not sure why your experience would consistently be so much poorer than the average.

We all seem to have times when the system works very well for us and times when it doesn’t work so well, but I have had few complaints of bad connection all the time. When I have, it tends to be substandard equipment (ancient computers, WebTV).

Since it’s different machines and different connections as well, this further clouds the issue.

What’s the internet traffic report like in your part of the world?

Internet Traffic Report


According to this thing (which I used Dallas, TX as my POR) 95. It said 0 packet loss.

It has been better today in general. And it is only this website. Very strange.
The computer I run at work was purchased by Raytheon, it is a dual screen, dual P4/ht machine, or that is what it says on the front. It flys at about a million miles an hour.

My buddies computers are crap, I will admit, but they have good internet capabilites.



It’s not just you, the board will intermittenly stop responding for everyone, and it has been this way for at least the past year. There are many posts about this in ATMB.

To summarize what the Administrators say in those threads: The basic cause is that the server does not have enough processing power (or maybe fast enough disk access) to run the database with this many users. Bandwidth does not seem to be the problem. The position on fixing this is: It’s too hard to split the software that runs the board up over multiple computers, and the one computer we have can’t really be upgraded very much. Subscription fees would not cover the costs of doing these things at any rate.

Since there are no plans to share server statistics with the users, nor share subscription revenue data (which I can understand), we just have to take them at their word. All I can say is, if it gets really bad vote with your wallet and don’t renew. Then we can start our own message board, with hookers, and beer! …Actually, forget the message board.

:wink: (Just kidding. I love this board and hope you fix it)

Wait, there aren’t hooker or beer here? :frowning: