What's Going On With The Board?

Tuesday, 8:25 AM EDT.

The SDMB is wicked slow to load, refresh, etc.

What’s going on?

Same problem on my end. It’s not just being slow to respond, which happens at times–the actual data is coming in very slowly. Pages will load part way, which I’ve almost never seen here.

Seems to have cleared up around 9:13AM EDT.

Not seeing anything untoward now. Sorry you were inconvienced.

your humble TubaDiva

Jenny dropped valve oil on her keyboard.

shhhh … you weren’t 'sposed to see that.

Still having problems. On this site only, my connection keeps dropping. It’s been happening for a few days now. I constantly click over to some other site and, inevitably it’s just fine. Return here and ‘can’t find the server.’ So I close it, and reopen a few times till one takes, then surf around successfully, click on a link and right back to can’t find the server! It’s getting pretty frustrating.

I thought it was my device, or my modem, or the latest software update, except it’s ONLY on this site? And I’m def no where near savvy enough to finger it out.

I have the same issue. If it gets really bad, I have to close the browser completely and start over.

It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating!

Is anyone listening?
Anyone looking into it?
Trying to fix it?


I will mention this to the techs. HOWEVER, it is the weekend and so I do not expect an answer real fast. Sorry about that.

your humble TubaDiva

Yeah, well, it’s still happening. And it sure seems that no one cares.

Didn’t expect an answer ‘real fast’, but come on.

It’s incredibly irritating, I’m about done.

I shouldn’t have to fight to get assistance on I board I pay a membership for.


It may seem like we’re ignoring you, but we’re not. I know that TubaDiva has been in contact with the techs at our hosting service. I don’t know the results of that so unfortunately I can’t give you an update.

For me, at least, it’s not ongoing. I’ve not had a problem since the day of that one report. Are other people still having problems like elbows?

Also, it sounds like the problem in the OP and the problem Sunny Daze states (that goes away if she restarts her browser) are different issues.