A question for the moderators: Who decides on those ads at the end?

Please understand that this is not a complaint from me, just curiosity. I appreciate that ads help pay for this site.

But how are the ads that appear at the end of a thread generated? Manually by a staff member or by computer?

Sometimes they seem odd. I just participated in a thread about 4 or 5 postings long in which we discussed the structure of the French language, and at the end are three ads for travelling chess sets.

They’re automatically generated based on the content of the posts. Sometimes it works, as I currently see chess ads based on what you typed in the OP. Sometimes is doesn’t and you get weird advertisements, as you did in the other thread.

And I guess I will add:
cheap prescription drugs, car insurance, penis enlargement, Honda, pop-tarts.

Now let’s see what goes on.

One year, I got about 200 ads for penis enlargement in my email. After a while, a guy could get an inferiority complex, no matter how adequate he is… y’know what I mean?

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Well, i’m getting four adverts for *chess * sets.

Chess is clearly a lot more interesting these days.

<subliminal> Buy a chess set online </subliminal>

Sorry, the above was a typo :slight_smile:

OK, I’m sorry… I have to do this…

After seeing all the chess ads, I posted the reply just above, so, what do I see when that posts?


I guess it takes awhile. I was getting the same yesterday, and now after chess was mentioned several more times, it’s selling ringtones.

I’m still seeing ads for chess sets.

Pop-Tarts, Pop-Tarts, Pop-Tarts.

Pop-Tarts, Pop-Tarts, Pop-Tarts.

(Now will that trigger ads for stale breakfast pastries or Britney Spears’ new CD?)

Nope, still chess sets.

Not for me, I’m seeing ring tone ads.

Ads also vary based on your geographic location.

I had no idea there was so much chess in Dixie. Go figure.

Thanks to this penis enlarging cream, I can move my chess pieces about the board using my massive erection! Aint life grand?

They also vary with the amount of money allocated per click and per day. Many of the google programs are pay per click, if a guy selling chess sets is willing to pay $5 a clickthrough, they will get more exposure than the guy selling penis enlargement for $4 per clickthrough.

Also budget is a factor. If an advertiser wants to spend up to $100 per day, they will get way more exposure than an advertiser wanting to spend $20 per day.

Since its pay per click, it can sometimes take alot of exposure to get those clickthroughs.

For example

Repair #2 Pay per exposure
Active $20.00 / day 9 20,605 0.04% - $0.61 $12.48

the numbers break down as
For the last 7 days

Maximum of $20 per day 9 clickthroughs for 20,605 exposures .04% clickthrough rate average cost per 1000 exposures $0.61 for a total of $12.48 in advertising costs.

These ads generally run on places like the SDMB
Campaign #4 pay per click
Active $5.00 / day 3 4,085 0.07% $3.67 - $11.00

These are hits from google local and search engine sponsored links.

oops, also these ads will only display to searchers/browsers within a 25 mile radius of my address. So dopers should never see my ads unless they live right around Fresno, CA or one of the nearby communities.

I am seriously considering starting a thread asking if a man with a large penis who wants to refinance his mortgage is more likely to meet single girls than someone who wants to donate a car to charity.

Does Google check to see if the key words are bolded?

Oh, won’t someone please think of the checkers players?

Or boobie enhancements.

Or boobie enhancements on checkers players.

Or maybe they’re all typos and are really adverts for chest sets (get it, heh, heh)…

I like the magnetic ones, myself…

Or maybe they’re all typos and are really adverts for chest sets (get it, heh, heh)…

I like the magnetic ones, myself…