A Question from my 6-year-old

My daughter just asked me what the SDMB is all about, so I explained it to her. She then asked me if she could post. Since she doesn’t know how to type, she’s going to dictate to me.

Alias Jr. says:

Why does Tom and Jerry kids not have Tom and Jerry in it? What’s wrong with Tom and Jerry kids these days? I like Tom and Jerry, but not when they’re not in the show.
Your guess is as good as mine.

Can you ask her to provide a cite for that, please.


I refuse to answer on the basis of you not giving her a user name. She clearly has a firm grasp on the great questions of our day (I hate those “guest star” episodes where they focus on a character other than the star, be it cartoons or Police Dramas) Such an intellect deserves recognition, with a handle of her own choosing.

I suspect there is some contractual agreement made with the supporting cast that they get some added exposure, and the star get’s an easy day. If they can do it on ER, they can do it on T&J. Spin offs are a possibility, and recognition is a big plus, from Joanie Loves Chaachi to The Simpsons.

oops, I answered, but she does deserve a handle

Well, I have no idea about Tom, but every Labor Day I get more than enough of both Jerry and his kids.

Why would this kid ask about Tom and Jerry and not about Chip ‘N’ Dale or Bugs or anyone else? I’m gonna pit this kid because she lacks sensitivity for the rest of cartoonworld.

I think we’re all missing the real question here. Why is this child being forced to watch the vastly inferior Tom & Jerry Kids instead of the hilarious originals? [old biddie voice]Why back in my day, we had real cartoons on, and we liked it that way. No wonder kids today are like they are.[/old biddie voice]

Yeah, it seems to be a bad habit of the makers of cartoons and childrens’ programs. They take old shows, and revamp them with babies or kids resembling the original characters. Part of this is to take an old show and refresh it for new watchers. That part makes sense.

But part of it also seems to be that they think that kids now need the cartoon characters to be kids or babies to identify with them. I don’t think that’s right. If it wasn’t needed the first time, why is it true now?

It’s not just Tom and Jerry kids - over the years there have been a lot: a Pup named Scooby Doo, Muppet babies, Tiny Toons, just to name a few off the top of my head (in no real order).

Tell your 6-year old that she is right - she caught them trying to insult her intelligence.

Obviously, Tom and Jerry Kids does have Tom and Jerry in it-only as kids. Hence the name.

I think that she’s saying that Tom and Jerry’s Kids originally starred a young Tom and Jerry. But now they are making them with other characters. Has she Google[sup]TM[/sup] the question yet? :wink:

BTW, your daughter might like this link to the Tom & Jerry Unofficial Site.

Since Alias Jr can’t get a good answer here, why doesn’t she write a letter to Warner Brothers?

Warner Brothers

should get there.

I think that T&J is Hanna Barbera. Or it was.

Tom and Jerry Kids was a Hanna-Barbera/Turner Entertainment co-production, and featured a number of characters in the Turner corral, including the aforementioned child versions of Tom and Jerry, Spike and Tyke, and Droopy (who also gained a kid, Dripple).

Oh my god… I havn’t thought about Chip n’ dale in at least a decade… That brings me back.