A question on concentration.

My concentration is usually superb, but there are moments when my thoughts tremble and switch to another thought. Then it’s impossible to concentrate again, because said thought is always stabbing at the back of my mind; or, in another way, my brain does the opposite of what I’m needing it to do. I’ll give you an example.

I was engaged in reliving an ancient memory from my childhood, which happened to be swinging on an old wooden swingset at the park. For some odd reason, I was struck with the thought of the swing lowering to the ground until I was dragging in the dirt. Now, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the swing to return to its normal position. I would start to imagine it rising back up, but some part of my mind would have it dragging against the dirt again. Like a tug-of-war between thoughts.

Another example. I was trying to do a complicated math problem in my head; I do this through viewing the images of numbers being subtracted, added, and manipulated to reach an answer. So as I was finishing the problem, I had a thoughts of television static. Now I can’t get the static out of my head, and the numbers are twisting and deforming in a strange fashion. I have to wait until I no longer remember the television static before I can start again.

Do we have a name for this affliction? What causes it?

Am I going insane?

This happens to me too.