A question on polyamorist...sleeping arrangements?

Well, I think I’ve seen a few tri/polyamorist/polygamists here, in the past. though the current board search software problematic enough that I’m having trouble searching for specifics.

Anyway, at the risk of being crass, I’m finally curious enough to ask anyone here who’s in, or has had experience in such a domestic arrangement…what were the sleeping arrangements like?

Quite literally, I mean. Where did everyone actually sleep? Same bed, separate beds, separate rooms? How much does mattress size actually factor in?
Did/does everyone stake out their own spot/side on the mattress—and did actual relationship dynamics figure into that, or did it just boil down to who was more comfy where?

How bad was the quilt/pillow hogging problem? What happens when someone gets the flu?

Granted, a lot of these issues might only be marginally more complicated than a simple couple sharing a bed; but I’m single, and the closest experience I’ve had to date is the occasional dog sleeping on my feet, so I’m pretty much in the dark.

(Maybe next time I’ll try and think up some saucier questions…probably something exciting like “how crazy is your Netflix queue by now?”)

Well, I was once the fifth member of a four way marriage. I slept with one of the partners of my opposite gender, but not the other. One or the other of us always thought better of it, when it came up.

Sleeping arrangements? I had my own room, and they were in two bedrooms. For awhile, there was a schedule as to who was in which of two bedrooms. They were essentially the ladies bedrooms, and the men switched, but it varied. They staggered a 3day/4day split, so as to make the weekend rotate, if that makes sense. Later things were more by negotiation as the couples crossed and grew apart. It was a mixed marriage, with one smoker/user in each pair, the smokers wound up together. Until he was caught snorting family business profits, anyway.

Mattress size? I guess a queen size waterbed wasn’t big enough for all four of them, they only did that once or twice. Well, since it was paired off, big enough for two, I guess. I think the other bed was a big waterbed too, actually.

I didn’t hear any complaints about pillow or blanket hogging.

I don’t remember anyone being so ill that it was unwise to sleep with them.

I certainly wouldn’t flee to a couch if my partner were ill.
So, anyway, time to post and see if **WhyNot **has scooped me, again.