A question(s) for vagatarians

How common is the term ‘vagatarian’? It gets a posting in the urban dictionary but I think near any term anyone ever uttered, ever is posted there.
I heard this term from a Texan cousin of mine. He kept saying it when he was drunk after I explained I was a vegetarian. I was wondering whether he made it up all by his own self or whether the term has much currency.

Funny you mention this. My buddy likes using the term “vag” (like vagina) as being a chicken shit, wimp, sissy, etc. Since he recently decided to become a vegetarian I began calling him “vagitarian”.

So I think this is what he meant :wink:

Another way I would use the word is for gay guys, who apparently don’t like vagina. So they are vagitarians.

Mistake!.. Vagitarians eat the stuff.

Jeebus, my dyslexia is getting bad…

Will someone please kick me in the shin. Make sure you wear your steel-toe’s too. Thanks

It’s used in the movie Eulogy.

Vaguetarian? As in, vaguely vegetarian? I’ve seen that term before.