A question too dumb for GQ

Did they ever actually sell worms in cans? I saw once, I swear, a live bait vending machine. I didn’t not purchase any as I just felt weird about it.

But did worms ever come in cans? Is it even possible to can live worms?

Live bait vending machines usually have worms and minnows etc. in plastic easy to open containers. Unlike a soda vending machine you need to check them regularly for “bad” product that needs to be discarded and replaced. Worms are packed in a kind of compost and can live quite long (2 weeks or more if I recall) in the the refrigerated vending machine.

Never seen anything in a can.

Canned mealworms. :smiley:

I used to pick up live bait at places that would put worms in any available container. It might be a can, or a plastic bag, or a foam coffee cup. Shiners and the like you had to bring your own bucket.

ETA: I thought the ‘opening up a can of worms’ phrase was about opening something that had become infested, not bait. But who knows? Somebody in GQ I bet. That’s why this thread belongs there.

I’ve seen plenty of those but there are real honest-to God live bait vending machines.

For some reason I feel obligated to comment on this, but it is just one of those things that stands for itself so well there’s no way to improve upon it. It’s not quite at par with a Far Side cartoon, but it gets points for being real life.