A quick question for younz...

I gotta know–Windows or Mac, ppl?

I’m an iMac user myself (i heart my lil indigo bubble o knowledge and its tendencies toward camoflaging itself as a fishbowl).

I’ve got a real bad feeling about this thread.

What the hell is a “younz,” anyway?

younz (pronounced ‘yinz’) is a Pittsburghese phenomenon of slang. it’s a bastardisation of ‘you ones’ (i don’t think it was initially spoken that way at all, but it breaks down–you ones, you uns, younz), and means the same as yall (bastardisation of ‘you all’.

incidentally i strated this thread in a mildly controversial manner so as to further divide the rift between the macs and nonmacs so to speak…but also to find fellow Mac users in this sea of Teeming Millionths. :smiley:

macs all the way, baby.

(Babs sits and oogles her lovely g4)


PC all the way baby.


microsoft: where will YOU be led today?

AND you have a G4 sniffle

i still love my fishbowl o internet…

iMac 500 with CD/R

It’s Funny, misfit, but I recognized younz as soon as I saw it. Went to college way north of Pgh. They also say it in coal country in Northeast PA.

PC but Macs at University.


looks around at all the mac users

hey, it’s not my fault! i’m only a cat!


I’m both. I usually use a PC, but there’s a Mac right beside me

I use Windows on my main computer.

(I bet my case is better looking than any of your hyperchromatic Macs. ;))

On my two 486 “grunt” computers (the ones that I’m not worried about breaking because if I do it’s no big loss) I run DOS 5.

At school I use Solaris version something-point-something.

Hmmm…Mac = gay. (I’m gonna hear it about the gay comment…)

Admittedly, the little flaming apples are better for graphical applications. HOWEVER, the AVERAGE dumb-ass computer user (of which I am not) does not do a whole mess of graphical work. PC’s were built for the kinda stuff most people do, typing, internet, and games. I don’t care WHAT you say, a new AMD K-7 thunderbird 2 gHz chip with 2 gb ram (yes, such a beastly motherboard exists…cheap too at http://www.googlegear.com) can blow away any crappy G4 any day.

Also, while the flamboyant apples are easier to set up, and make it harder to delete important OS files, Windows is assload more user friendly, with a much wider range of options and control.

And upgrading a PC? No problem for someone like me who has been using computers since I was 3… Upgrading a sexually confused fishbowl? Not bloody likely.

One button mouse? What the HELL is that? Right click to save…oh crap…HA!

And 90% of all Mac users got it because they thought it would be easier to learn computing on (wrong because the OS is a jumbled mass o’ crap) and it looks “sylish”. Yeah? The new George Foreman grill comes in different “flavors” too. Guess what? They suck. Besides, you can get a PC case in ANY style you want.

AND compare price. Base price for UPGRADEABLE, yet still extremely quick PC? $799. G4 flavored ass-raping? A painful $1,699 as advertised on http://www.mac.com.

Well, that just about lays THAT out…

Oh wait, except for the fact that no one programs things for Macs except Microsoft.

And you can argue that Mac never get viruses…but that’s because NO ONE even bothers writing viruses for them. They destruct themselves perfectly fine without them.


Install Mandrake Linux! :smiley:

I like Mac’s, but my job involves extensive PC work. So it’s Winders fer me. This is where I go today…

I’m a PC user. I’ve tried all sorts of different kinds of systems, and the deciding factor for me has been price. I’ve got a beauty of a machine that runs PSP, Word, and even 3D Studio Max (back when I still had it) quite well. And let’s not forget the games…

Here’s hopin’ for a 1.2 ghz chip come Christmastime, baby.

Sometime in the future, when I’ve got a bit more cash to throw around, I’ll probably snag up a G4 tower (t’hell, with the Cubes). But I’ll be wanting all the bells and whistles, so I’ll be looking for one that costs in the $3,000 - $4,000 range.