A rainbow... AFTER sunset

Just saw this from my backyard. The picture came out okay- I really didn’t have a good place to stand to see it.

The sun’s already set, and the sky’s this weird orange/red color. The rainbow is almost a full circle, and it’s a double (you can just barely see that in the picture).


Oooh, it’s a really groovy picture! That’s great. I’m envious of you, having that kind of thing to look at tonight.


Dang. I can never see anything on the Picasa site. I don’t have trouble with Photobucket or any of the others. What gives?

ETA: It lets me see the smaller, album picture (pretty!), but not the enlarged one.

A rainbow in the dark, eh? Ronnie James Dio would be proud.

Why not send that shot in to Earth Science Picture of the Day?
They really like red rainbows over there, and your pic is at least as good as any of the shots they have.

As long as you can get a straight line from the sun to the raindrop, and a line from the raindrop to your eye, with about a 42 degree angle between those two lines, you ought to be able to get a rainbow, even with the sun below the horizon. Such late-in-the-day rainbows tend to be red orange and yrllow, of course, because the shorter wavelengths have been scattered out by longer passage through the atmosphere.

Very neat picture

You beat me to it.

Nice photo, Lightnin’. :cool:

That’s pretty, and cool.
I’ve seen the moonbow at Yosemite Falls. You can’t imagine how difficult that is to photograph.

Nice pic, Lightnin’!

Ye gods, it must be terribly difficult. But very awesome to see. It’s worth staying up for.