A rat. A giant F'ing rat.

While searching a remote part of Indonesia, scientists have found a species of giant rats. It is about 5 times larger than a common rat. Kitty may have to think twice about messing with this dude. Of course, right now it has no fear of humans - given time, it will learn.

It’s the Giant Rat of Sumatra. Well, O.K., it’s actually from the other side of Indonesia, but I intend to keep on calling it that.

Rodents of unusual size? I don’t believe they exist.

Indonesia has fire-swamps!?!

Oh yeah?

That looks like the one on a PBS show last night about a team searching for a bird of paradise. I don’t remember the show title because I wasn’t really watching, but they did have one and talked about it. And that sucker was huge too.
Is the rare BOP found in Indonesia?

We have some pretty big rats in Bangkok. Some of them even run for office.

Nice to hear about a newly discovered species. If we could hang on to the ones we already know about–that would be nice, too.

Is it bad, if your first reaction is to want to eat one? A rat is good eats… a large rat is good eats for a family.

You wanna get caned, fer crissakes?

Awwwwwwwwwww!!! I want one! Man, now I miss Skippy the Wonder Dog. Pet rat brought down in his prime by a spider bite…

Please, God…Don’t let anyone bring those here to study the species.


Actually, they don’t do caning in Thailand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Politicians are fair game, too, but say something bad about the occupant of the throne, and you’re looking at 15 years in the Big House. :frowning:

If I may, a more realistic statement;
Please, God…Don’t let me know someone brought those here to study the species.

Oh. I mis-remember where that was, about the kid who spit. Son of, as you know, the knights who say “neh”.

Yes, it is. It’ rare because the tribes of Indonesia killed it for its feathers.

So that must be the same rat.
The bird of paradise is very pretty.
There was a huge demand for the feathers outside Indonesia, to be fair.

Oh, pshaw. We already have rats that are almost as big in San Diego and Tijuana.

No, no. Those are chihuahuas. I have a friend whose cousins, brother-in-laws, sisters boyfriend brought one home from Mexico after a vacation.