Odd Animal News

Here we see that inflation in Cambodia has pushed the price of most meat so high that demand for rat has increased. Unfortunately, this means the price of rat has quadrupled this year.

And here we see an Aussie lost in the jungles of Laos for 11 days was chased by giant lizards. (I’ll bet he could have sold those in Cambodia if he’d been able to catch a couple.)

Any others? Here’s the place to post 'em.

Rats! I see Cicero beat me to the first story in this thread.

It’s a few days old, but there is the story of escapee Plop-plop the emu. I can see why she’d want to escape, after being given a name like that.

I was thinking of you when I posted though.

As for Plop Plop the emu- I guess if she has to be disciplined she will go before the beak.

Fred, a 30 year old tortoise gets accidentally sent to the dump the the garden waste and makes it out alive.

The headline in today’s Frederick News-Post is “Black Bear Mauls Alpaca.” Now I see how all these stories fit together. Now I see the pattern.

Cool. Sorry, no elephant stories today.

Many people think of me when they think of rats.

New animal news:

A pocket-sized primate last seen 80 years ago has been rediscovered in Indonesia. “Looks like a tangerine-sized cross between a furry Furby and a gremlin.”

And some cool undersea creatures.

And beavers are back in Britain. (No word on whether they’re shaved.)

Sorry- missed the post. Had a good laugh.

This is almost two years old. Monster Bunnies For North Korea.

Panda Attack!

80 years? How about a penguin that hasn’t been seen for 500 years?

30 years? How about a 150 year old tortoise going missing and returning after six weeks?

Impressive, but that penguin’s still extinct; so it hasn’t really been ‘rediscovered’ in the same sense as the tarsier.

That article deserves some kind of award for most unintentionally confusing penguin-related news feature. The picture is of a different species of penguin that relocated to New Zealand after the locals finished off the earlier penguin species. Now that replacement species is also endangered.

Seriously, New Zealand: what the hell? You kill off one penguin species, Mother Nature sends you another, and you immediately begin eradicating the surrogate penguin. What is it with New Zealand and mass avicide? Listen, New Zealand: Haast’s Eagle is dead. You killed it. You don’t need to be afraid of birds anymore. Nothing is going to come screaming out of the sky and eat you. You can stop killing the birds now.

Kiwis don’t like birds showing up and offering their beached whales chups.


Surfboarding dog.

Which is why Jimmy Carter won’t visit that country.

He’d break his paddle one that one.

Rare monkeys spotted in Vietnam. And cute little buggers they are, too.