A reporter for "Entertainment Weekly" called me!

I’m the tech support geek for a satellite phone company and I got a call today from a reporter at Entertainment Weekly! It seems they’re doing a story called “What We Learned From Summer Blockbusters” and had some questions about satellite phones. Naturally, the first thing I told her is that they won’t work inside a dinosaur. (For those of you who haven’t seen JP III a dino eats a guy with a sat phone and then everybody can tell when the dino’s about because they can hear the phone ringing.) Anyways, she had some general questions about how the things work, and I filled her in on everything. She took my name, so I don’t know if it’ll appear in the story or not. Be too cool if it did.

(Hey, ya wanted “mundane,” ya wanted “pointless” ya got it!)

Well shoot, Tuckerfan, I opened this thread because I got all excited that someone was doing an expose film on your mysterious neighbors!

But it’s cool that you were interviewed about phones, too. :wink:


Let us know if it appears.

[sup]Gee, and I got all excited about getting interviewed by the LOCAL paper a few years ago. Shoulda aimed higher…[/sup]

How cool! I have a subscription to EW, so I will make sure to look in the next few issues for the article.