A request of the Almighty, regarding the 3" of snow I found this morning. . .

Dear God, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Hare Krishna, Shiva, or all of the above: [sub](I think that covers it)[/sub]

Has my disdain for fluffy, crystalline water befallen deaf ears? Have I not suffered enough? Did I forget to say a prayer one night? For the love of, well . . . you, can we just simply cut this crap out?

I find it needless to say that Minot isn’t exactly a huge town. While it is the cultural Mecca of central Ward County and most of northwestern North Dakota, does that necessarily mean you have to smite us with 3 inches of snow? I mean, yeah, the town has culture and shit, but do we always have to be known for our parkas, tuuks, and our general snowbound ways?

I really would like to schedule a few minutes with your crack meteorological staff. Apparently, their scheduling department is off by at least a month. It’s May 6th for goodness sake. May 6th! Just yesterday, I was celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day with a cool six-pack of Corona. Does Mexico have snow? Methinks not. . .

C’mon Boss. I love ya and all, but I find it difficult to get anything done if you keep pulling this kinda stuff. Especially when I read reports from the Associated Press like this:

One can only hope so. :rolleyes:

I may go to hell for posting this, but at least it’s warm there.

NO summer for YOU

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Oh, brother, I feel your pain. Has this been the longest “spring” ever, or what?

What about Cthulhu? (or however that’s spelled)

Spring? We had a spring? Dude, if you haven’t looked out the window yet, apparently we’re still in winter. . .

Flames are already a-lickin’ at my toes. . .

Spring? We flipped straight over into summer. The high today was 90° and that’s lower than it’s been for two weeks.
I like it hot, but it’s gonna be a long summer… s’pose we could work out a way to get an average?

[Voice of Supreme Diety]

Welcome to North Dakota, Tripler! That ‘snow’ you see is North Dakota’s automatic defense system against nitwits: apparently some managed to sneak in from Montana or something. Untill said nitwits are evicted from NoDak, winter shall contiune.

Have a nice day.


chuckles While I like winter, NoDak winters are something I am very glad I didn’t go through. Now, like galen ubal said, if we could just work out a nice average temperature… I’m currently dealing with temps in the mid-80’s, and who knows that the humidity is. Uggg. Ship me some now, I wanna freak out the Mid-South.

<< Dum-de-dum-dum… >>

Just remeber that the alleged state of North Dakota is actually South Saskatchewan. It probably feels a lot warmer that way too… :smiley:

We just got 2 feet of snow in Hawaii (on Mauna Kea) so you know the weather isn’t quite right. With that I’m surprised you’re still alive!

Hey Trip Baby,

Go ahead and send that snow to Colorado (and other western states) we need it and need it bad, very bad.

I would be glad to get some snow, about 60 inches would be good to catch us up a small amount.

Here in Colorado, we are a dry tinder box that will be flaming all Spring and Summer into Fall. We were in the high 70s today and expecting 80º tomorrow in C Springs…our normal high is 65º. Our mountains are at about 27% of normal snowfall levels so this will also effect states to the east and west of us.

It’s flippin brown and dry. Crunchy is a good word.

Can you send some snow here? Please? It’s already almost 30 degrees Celsius, and we’re all sweltering in the humidity (and there’s a drought!) Oh pleeeeeeeease… Cougarfang switches the poor air conditioner to “deep-freeze”, lowering the temperature of the room by a fraction of a degree

Well, there’s your problem. Mexican Independence Day is September 16th. So you were five months or so premature in your celebration. The gods of the Azteca are not to be trifled with, my friend.

You folks can have some of the 40 cim (that would be about 36") that fell on Sunday night.

Largest one day snow fall in Calgary since 1981. I was stranded at home yesterday, which is not necessarily a bad thing. :slight_smile:

It had betted be gone for when I get out there next week. :wink:

That’s it. We need to average this stuff out.

starts pounding on the Pearly Gates
You there! Open up! I want to talk to the manager! Not you, Petey, the big guy! I don’t want to waste time talking to a guy in a bedsheet! Come on, come on, get him out here!


OK, maybe not a good plan…

What’s a “cim”?

O God or Gods of the sky, how you mock me. . .

Not by heeding my requests, yet with a forecast of 2 - 8 inches (leaning towards the 8) is how you reply. Yes, tonight, on the eve of the 8th of May, we shall recieve in what some call ‘glorious bundles’, 8 inches of snow.

I call it crap.

Perhaps I did forget to pray one night before bed. Perhaps I did sacrifice one cow to the grill gods too many. Perhaps my bacchanal ways have offended thee, a dry God. I’m none too sure. I beseech thee, to send me a sign, any sort of sign, but not more fuckin’ snow!

Send me a telegram. Send me a line. Hell, send me First Class. But don’t send more fuckin’ snow.


ShibbOleth, where the hell were you when I needed you? At least it was good beer for a good cause.

But I’m still going to hell.

It’s 9/10 of an inch.

Great, what kind of measure is it? I’ve just never heard of it before.

Tripler, the Aztec gods require Mescal or Tequila, and lots of it. If you drink enough the snow will not occur. Or you won’t remember it, which is just about the same.

I think it’s centim*eters*, but I’m just guessing. It’s usually expressed in units of Phi.